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  1. @ those who watched Gabon.
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  4. pooja what is this behavior?
  5. was Rupert a good Survivor player?
  6. Is Amazing Race tonight?
  7. How's BBCAN?
  8. Are Apple Watches worth it?
  9. JoJo won Big Brother 14
  10. I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road
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  12. Who do they film doing challenges?
  13. Mr. Popper's Penguins
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  20. the government killed Nipsey Hussle
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  22. billie eilish - bad guy
  23. say goodnight n go
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  25. Did anyone see Chris' bulge?
  26. Wendy is so hot
  27. Who's Hotter from Jersey Shore?
  28. im fag?
  29. Fuck you even do at a
  30. Alanis Morisette slander will NOT be tolerated
  31. how does Temptation Island even work?
  32. Rockstar is criminally overrated
  33. How's BBCAN7?
  34. Ariana in Boston was spectacular
  35. @ March Madness peeps
  36. How often do you shower?
  37. the sweetener tour merch is....
  38. Just rewatched A Star Is Born
  39. When the sun goes down
  40. Rattlesnake Fries: Good or Nah?

How is Bebe a "new artist"

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Alessia vibes
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