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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

BB2 had a PIG!?

Sep 7, 2013 by MHens
This is sooooo awesome! I wish they would do something like this again :(

soo cute



Sent by _Aria,Sep 7, 2013
top notch quality lol
Sent by djdawg,Sep 7, 2013
oh my GOD ophelia is the best
Sent by snowflake3,Sep 7, 2013
how is ophelia a boy name..
Sent by Squirrels1666,Sep 7, 2013
So cute :)
Sent by HipposUnite,Sep 7, 2013
Awwww that is SO cute!!
Sent by Carlisle,Sep 7, 2013
best season ever
Sent by DDJOT98,Sep 8, 2013
They have Spencer for BB15.
Sent by oswordo3,Sep 8, 2013
LOL oswordo3
Sent by MHens,Sep 8, 2013
Sent by egaga911,Sep 8, 2013
BB1 had a dog :P
Sent by legend_of_link,Sep 8, 2013
so cute
Sent by unkown,Sep 8, 2013

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