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  1. It's always the people you trust the most ...
  2. Idk these people
  3. Okay, yeah I think Danni made a mistake...
  4. Being at one with nature is the most important..
  5. I love Jadis so much from The Chronicles of..
  6. I'm disgusted at how much racism I see daily..
  7. I'm kinda happy...
  8. (S40) My opinion on the Second Vote Off
  9. I know I'm gonna get hate for saying this
  10. #TheRobloxGang
  11. #TheRobloxGang
  12. Queen Bee is deffo Nicola Roberts
  13. I'm so excited for survivor tonight!!!
  14. This song was such a bop and it honestly was!!
  15. I love how idiots wanna act as if
  16. Can somebody create a Jadis from Narnia full..
  17. Why are people so obsessed with my life
  18. Ranking Survivor 40 Cast ( Just from who I..
  19. Tengaged used to be a safe outlet for me
  20. I have a feeling that... ( S40 )
  21. I'm disgusted re-watching this clip
  22. I just am not ready ...
  23. I can't wait to post my hair transformation when..
  24. This song is everything
  25. When I told ya'll I didn't have it...
  26. I've been going to the GYM recently a lot more and..
  27. Ranking my new top 10 LoL Champions of 2020!
  28. I honestly think Amber could do well...
  29. NikkieTutorials is such an inspiration to me...
  30. I think Winners at War ( SO EXCITED )
  31. I just slept for 16 hours...
  32. I hope The Circle UK will get renewed for S3 (..
  33. Sometimes anxiety can be a bitch
  34. Ranking my top 10 characters from the " Final..
  35. Heyyyyyy ❤️
  36. Even when things are hard try and remain positive..
  37. I wasn't even on skype call yesterday...
  38. People love bullying me
  39. Unpopular opinion
  40. Imagine saying Gervase from BvW


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TaraG is legit a queen


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