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ANTM Cycle 1 REWATCH Thoughts:

3rdMar 27, 2019 by LittleMix
Ranking of Girls:

10th: Robin - I feel like she dragged Shannon down a lot because she wanted her to be this good lil Christian and it was annoying. She also was a bitch, but not in a good way.

9th: Nicole - She got so fucking annoying. She cried about her hair, she obsessed over her boyfriend and even chose to miss out on a HUGE opportunity just to call him. Like girl no.

8th: Tessa - I have really no comment about her she was first boot so I didn't care

7th: Katie - Same as above but she was 2nd boot.

6th: Giselle - I think she was boring and really just bland. I didn't get a lot out of her.

5th: Kesse - She was cute and she looked like Tyra, she had a couple funny moments and all the girls seemed to like her.

4th: Shannon - She was drug down by Robin a lot, but I feel like she has a good personality. Her voice is super annoying though and I just couldn't deal.

3rd: Ebony - This is a bitch in a good way. All of her freak outs were so good and I loved every time I would hear this bitch yell. Truly a diva.

2nd: Adrienne - Love the tomboy personality and how she portrayed herself. She was so laid back and so woke when she talked shit to Tyra with Shannon about all the girls. Her and Elyse's friendship was truly iconic. Love them both.

1st: Elyse - The true winner of Cycle 1. This bitch had a MIND and she had a MOUTH. Her giant freakout in the confessional is still one of the top 5 moment of top model history. She was gorgeous and was easily the best model out of all the girls.

Other Stuff:
Who won: Adrienne
Who should have won?: Elyse (Adrienne in 2nd)



I LOVED ROBIN. I really kind of hated her until the end though. I loved when she doing the interview and the guy was like wow Ive never met anyone with so much going on and she says "well today you've met Robin.

Elyse really was queen. Katie was perfect. I hated Ebony I cant believe you liked her.

Shannon was a homophobic and a prude. She shouldnt have made all stars. Period. and she was a follower! Robin was the wring leader as the bible thumper alliance and Shannon was the sheep.

You know ATMN really hates Adrienne though
Sent by RoseMaria,Mar 27, 2019
rosemaria her attitude was so good and she had so many funny moments but i really just hated how homophobic she was and how she brought the other girls down
Sent by LittleMix,Mar 27, 2019
Elyse was everything.

I like Adrienne but man, it really should have been Elyse
Sent by NewNightmare7,Mar 27, 2019
Tag me
Sent by RightToCensor,Mar 27, 2019
Tag meeee
Sent by SaskiaRae,Mar 27, 2019
Tag me
Sent by AngeIa,Mar 27, 2019
robin last... NEGGED hard
Sent by MichelleObama,Mar 27, 2019
Tag me please!
Sent by jussy007,Mar 27, 2019
elyse aint even a GOOD FRIEND, stand with adrianne
Sent by HighNoon,Mar 27, 2019
Oh it's been years since I watched S1, should really rewatch it sometimes.

I loved Robin for being such a freaking bitch. Hated Elyse, was so happy when she got eliminated cuz I was sure she was going to win.

For me Katie is the most forgettable contestant ever, like I have no idea how she looked like. When I thought about S1 I knew Tessa was first out, Nicole was 3rd but really couldn't remember the 2nd boot. Somehow I can't remember absolutely anything about her, even her name.
Sent by sk9ergal,Mar 27, 2019
I think Kesse was one of the prettiest models to have ever competed tbh!
Sent by jussy007,Mar 29, 2019

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