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I Need Advice....

Aug 24, 2012 by Leonine_Divine
from any group game hosts, I'm thinking of starting a group game series but I'd like some advice so I don't completely suck at it.



Have Good Twists :)
Sent by dragotistic,Aug 24, 2012
thanks dragotistic I actually meant for you to go on the list, but I got distracted, it's hard though I don't think I'm clever enough to think up good twists lol
Sent by Leonine_Divine,Aug 24, 2012

Have a cast of ACTIVE PEOPLE you know will be active
Have some twists or none at all
Be excited about it, a happy host=a good host

Don't be like DJtropicana who doesn't even attempt to answer questions you have, you gotta be able to answer any and all things
Sent by Cmack311,Aug 24, 2012
Yeah Djtropicana is a horrible host
Sent by Zed55,Aug 24, 2012
:D i'm a horrible host too XD
Sent by amylou8251,Aug 24, 2012
no matter if it seems bad to start ie inactive at first or people talking back and such, dont give up and keep at it
Sent by RShowFreak,Aug 25, 2012

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