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I Don't Mind

13thSep 10, 2019 by Lemjam6
having to be the bad guy or having to be the person to speak up against pinkiepie512. If my advocacy saves the life of one dog it will be worth it.

It frightens me how people are so quick to jump to support Grace. I admit the kick didn't appear to be hard, but if she is going to kick her dog just for jumping up on her while she was making a video for an online game, like my good friend sjsoccer88, imagine what she does to that dog when she is angry. It's scary to think about. #DogLivesMatter


I love love love dogs but shes barely kicking?
looks more like a push to me but i get where your coming from xo
Sent by SAWCHUK55,Sep 10, 2019
She鈥檚 going to college to help animals. There鈥檚 no way she鈥檚 trying to cause harm to the beautiful dog. This is a big big reach because grace is super sweet and nice she wouldn鈥檛 do anything like that.
Sent by AngeIa,Sep 10, 2019
You鈥檙e so annoying.
Sent by Colter,Sep 10, 2019
isn't she going to college to be like a vet
Sent by Gay_Horse_,Sep 10, 2019

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