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Eurovision - My top 29

Mar 4, 2018 by KyleDile
29 - Hungary - okay, I can't stand this and I don't think it has any chance of qualifying.
28 - Montenegro - booooring
27 - The Netherlands - No comment.
26 - Albania - He has a good voice, but I do not like the song - I think Albania had better
       choices to choose from.
25 - Spain - Boooooring
24 - taly - its ok.
23 - Serbia - Ugh idk.
22 - Iceland - Another boring ballad.
21 - Poland - Generic and Isabelle needed to win.
20 - Germany - I cant get over Ivy not winning.
19 - Armenia - I like the song, preferred Asmik - but im blad that train wreck Kamil didnt
18 - Greece - I am not too sure of this song yet... but I think it could win.
17 - Latvia - its a pretty good entry.. I dont think it will make much of an impact. This kind
       of sounds like a song Azerbaijans singer should be singing.
16 - Denmark - Really interesting song. I love the staging.
15 - Switzerland - It is slowly growing on me! I definitely hope this qualifies.
14 - Czech Republic - This is generic. He is hot and will be their best placement ever
13 - Moldova - It is a cute song, It is growing on me and will make the competition fun.
12 - Cyprus - Same as Slovenia - Cyprus has let me down the last couple of years and this is
       a good change
11 -  Romania - I like the song, but I wish a different song had won. #Feli
10 - San Marino - I love Jessika and I am glad that she finally gets to go to Eurovision. I think
       the song is okay, but San Marino never qualifies ... so good luck haha.
09 - Ukraine - Next best thing after Tayanna - I listen to a lot of Melovins other songs, so I
       am glad he is representing the Ukraine - Preferred wonder better though.
08 - France - I love this, but as more songs are released, it is slowly dropping.
07 - Slovenia - Holy shit I actually like a song from this country for once. I dont think it will
       qualify because for some reason, people arent too fond of it.
06 - Estonia - We all knew this would be chosen. It stands out and will definitely make the
       top 5
05 - Azeribaijan - Okay, so this song isnt really liked from what I am reading. A lot of people
      think she needs to stick to her style.. however, this is something I would listen to and
      generally appreciate. I dont think it will qualify, but I hope it does... Maybe it needs to
      be revamped, give it a bigger ending.
04 - Belarus - OMG I love this!! its interesting and will make this years contest interesting.
      Hes also hot.
03 - Malta - I love this song and I love the staging... I wanted Brooke to win, but I am also
      glad she didnt because she needs a better song... Christabelle is the next best thing and
      I think the staging will help it qualify.
02 - United Kingdom - I just love this... I love the song the way it is - but for the
      competition, I am glad it is being revamped.
01 - Finland - She is just perfect. I loved her before this and I still love her! top 5.

All I need now Is for Mariette to represent Sweden and for Australia's song to be fantastic


Me at Cyprus 12 LOL
Sent by Starmie,Mar 4, 2018
is uk deffo being revamped?
Sent by Darbe,Mar 4, 2018

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