Big Brother and online Hunger games.

honestly i love

Oct 24, 2020 by Kelly0412
aquamarine like that is my king, he always sees the good in me (inlove) im like one of the only people who are mutual friends with him and jake that he didnt put in a him vs jake situation and somehow i avoided his top 20 vile tengagers list despite being so problematic. i wuv johnny so much *snuggles*

Sent by Dash,Oct 24, 2020
because you dont pretend to be an SJW ever like some of his friends
its the hypocrisy for me
Sent by Aquamarine,Oct 24, 2020
r u ok
Sent by lemonface,Oct 24, 2020
I’m kinda living for him tonight
Sent by Letal,Oct 24, 2020

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