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AliBonico 33.5% May 8, 2022
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woah at this survivor tg drama May 5, 2022
- Wanda is the main villain
- Wanda kills almost all of the sorcerers
- America Chavez and DR Strange travel through the multiverse where they find the illuminati which is Professor X (Patrick Stewart) Monica Rambeau, Captain Carter, Mr. Fantastic Played by John Krasinski, Black Bolt, and Mordo
- Wanda travels there and kills the whole Illuminiati
- Ultimately the heroes convince Wanda stop and she apparently kills herself and stops her rampage
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welll it looks like May 4, 2022
i'm nominateeeedddddd
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nancy pelosi is kinda funny May 4, 2022
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quality designs for sale. May 4, 2022
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oh... wow May 3, 2022
the things that happen in your sleep!!!

dont absolutely panic tho, remember roe v wade is a federal bill. abortion will not be banned it just wont be available in any state that does not vote to receive it. while that is unacceptable it is still better than a blanket ban.
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