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the first sentence had me dyingvote Mar 9, 2021
Kelly0412 I've gone days without logging in before. I just haven't in awhile because I admit I like the stupid entertainment, plus I'm usually actively in a game I need to check in for. I'd find something else to do with my time if I couldn't log in, the world wouldn't end.
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Mar 9, 2021
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No titlevote Mar 9, 2021
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No titlevote Mar 9, 2021
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at the end of the dayvote Mar 8, 2021
imagei dont care if the woke mob cancels me today.... i used to say the n word years ago, i dont anymore. its not that much of a scandal anybody who was online at that time knows about it. i could expose maybe close to a 100 users who did it too. but im not gonna, it wont matter in like 2 days anyway when the woke mob unearths some game comment from 5 years ago of somebody in an effort to cancel somebody they dont like.

at the end of the day cancel culture is toxic because people only care about who said it, not what was said.
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hi!vote Mar 8, 2021
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you cant take kelly0412vote Mar 8, 2021
kelly0412 takes you
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