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imagine outing somebodyvote Oct 26, 2021
imageand then begging them and their friends to accept you in their friend group a few months later 馃憖
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Good Oct 25, 2021
imageI can rest easy knowing who my real friends are who the enemies disguised in friends clothing are.
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No titlevote Oct 25, 2021
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this is why old drunk peoplevote Oct 25, 2021
should be anywhere but a computer

just drink and drive instead
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people on this site have selective memoryvote Oct 25, 2021
imagetheres users that are beloved now who would literally join every game they were in saying slurs on top of slurs and personally attack everybody in sight and they were not liked for this at all. and then they left the website and came back as a hero and everyone acts as if they are nicest thing since sliced bread???? it dont make sense to me
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so this morning before workvote Oct 25, 2021
my sisters boyfriend took me and her to breakfast.. and as he was paying the check a picture of bill cosby fell out of his wallet on the table

needless to say it was more than a little awkward afterwards

so many questions...
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