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SCREAM : Episode 3.

Jul 3, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Episode 3 : A Night To Remember

Main Cast :
Kaseyhope101 - Becca Konner
Kelly2722 - Olivia Faye
Macda27 - Mac Daniels
Varlto - Gabriel Murphy
Jasoi - J.P
Tkoj555 - Theo
JonMcGillis - Ji Juarez
Zuelke - Mason Cooper
BluJay112 - Nickolas Clinton

Recurring Cast :
#Kaseyhope101 - Annalise Konner
#Kelly2722 - Alexa Reinhart
#Kelly2722 - Justin Paisley
#Varlto - Alycia Murphy
Lora Heights
Drew Harting

Mr. Randy Robinson (Teacher)
Mrs. Lucy Travis (Teacher)
Reporter Lilli Jason
Officer Georgie Gomez


* plays*

*Alexa and Justin are dancing on the dance floor of the gymnasium*

*Lora drinks her punch as JP tries to talk to her*

*Nickolas, Alycia, Gabriel and Mac walk in*

*Alexa rolls her eyes and walks up to them*

Alexa - “Last time I checked this was SENIOR prom. Not a middle school dance where all grades are invited.”

Alycia - “Alexa, darling, we’re here with the church, collecting donations. Maybe you should watch your mouth, dear!”

*Alexa rolls her eyes and walks away, shrugging it off by sticking her tongue down Justin’s throat*


*Olivia and Annalise are making out on Olivia’s bed, but Olivia just constantly cringes*

Annalise - “What’s up?”

Olivia - “I’m so so sorry, but… this just ain’t it.”

Annalise - “What do you mean? Do you need more drugs to get in the mood?”

Olivia - “No, but… pro tip, if you’re trying to hook up with someone, don’t say you have drugs to get them in the mood… *SHAKES HER HEAD* I’m sorry, but… I think I’m straight.”

Annalise - “Oh… fuck you, then.” *gets up and storms to the door*

Olivia - “Annalise, wait.”

Annalise - “No, you have been emotionally manipulating me for 6 months, just because you WANT to be a lesbian. What could you possibly have to say for yourself?”

Olivia - “Fuck it, then. Bye.”

*Annalise storms out, angered*

Olivia, mumbling to herself - “That didn’t go well.”

Annalise storms back in - “By the way, WAMI. Worst name EVER.” *storms back out*

Olivia - “IT’S BETTER THAN FUCKING WIN.” *throws a lamp at the door* *EXTENDED PAUSE* “It’s way better than fucking WIN.”


*Lora sits alone at a table, JP sits next to him*

Lora - “What do you want?”

JP - “I want to, well, talk to my prom date? Is that too much to ask?”

Lora - “Talking to you? Way too much to ask.” *chugs her punch, and stands up, walking to the punch bowl*

*JP follows her*

Lora - “Did you not hear me? I said…”

*JP hugs her, Lora uncomfortably stands, with her arms at her side*

JP - “Thank you for coming with me tonight.”

Lora - “Why?”

JP - “I always wanted to go to prom with the most beautiful girl in school. I never had many friends, so I’m happy you gave me this night.”

*Lora’s jaw slightly drops, dumbfounded by JP seemingly being genuine*

Lora - “JP…”

JP - “Lora, I get that you don’t like me.” *pulls away from the hug* “And I understand why. But, you could’ve gotten any guy in school, but you chose me. You say you were forced, but you could’ve gotten ANYONE, and you know it. Thank you.”

*Lora hugs JP, unsure how she feels right now*

*In the corner of the gymnasium, Mrs. Travis and Mr. Robinson stand next to each other*

Mrs. Travis - “I just don’t feel good about this.”

Mr. Robinson - “What?”

Mrs. Travis - “Principal Scott hasn’t come in yet.”

Mr. Robinson - “So?”

Mrs. Travis - “I’ve had this bad feeling since earlier today. We heard a scream, we ran into the office, and she was nowhere to be seen, her computer was open… she said she was excited for prom, now she’s nowhere to be seen. It just… something’s wrong.”

Mr. Robinson - “Don’t be paranoid.”

Mrs. Travis - “No, this is NOT paranoia. A note saying “Friday, 3:15” was placed on the PRINCIPAL’s desk, and then we heard our Principal screaming and she’s nowhere to be seen since Friday AT 3:15? How is that paranoia?”

Mr. Robinson - “Want to check her office?”

*Mrs. Travis ponders this*

Mr. Robinson - “Want to wait a bit and see if she shows up?”

*Mrs. Travis nods, nervously*

*Mr. Robinson smiles at her*

Mrs. Travis - “We aren’t going to fuck.” *walks away from him*

*Alexa walks over to Mr. Robinson*

Alexa - “Hey, Mr. R.”

Mr. Robinson - “Alexa, not the time.”

Alexa - “Judging from the conversation I just overheard, it’d seem like… you aren’t getting anything from her.”

Mr. Robinson - “Alexa, not now.”

Alexa - “Get real, you know the old bitch isn’t as good as me.”

*Mr. Robinson cringes*

Alexa - “Just admit it to yourself, and my... ‘door’... will always be open.” *she winks at him and walks away*

*Mr. Robinson considers this*


*Ji and Annalise walk down the street together*

Annalise - “Why aren’t you at prom?”

Ji - “I hate that shit. Why’d you call so late at night?”

Annalise - “Olivia is a bitch and I needed someone to talk to about it.”


Ji - “Cool.”


*Theo and Olivia are talking, having a sleepover*

Theo - “You better have a good excuse for calling me over here, it totally killed my vibe.”

Olivia - “You were just getting drunk. I had a major life realization. I need someone to talk to.”

Theo - “You’re straight?”

Olivia - “How’d you know?”

Theo - “Whenever you were making out with Annalise you’d have this major cringe face on… I’m shocked Annalise hadn’t caught on, like, it wasn’t exactly hidden.”

*Olivia reflects on her time spent in lesbian relationships*

Olivia - “I’ve wasted 17 years of my life… unhappy.”

Theo - “Yep.” *goes into her bag and takes out her flask* “Want some?”

Olivia - “Fuck. I’ve wasted. SEVENTEEN YEARS. As a lesbian. That’s, like, a LIFETIME. I don’t get it… I HATE MEN. How can I also want to BE WITH THEM?”

Theo - “Trust me, all straight women hate men, because men are fucking idiots.” *drinks from her flask* “We just like to fuck ‘em, ya know?”

*Olivia is still processing this*

Olivia - “I feel so liberated right now, like, I figured my entire life out…”

*Theo rolls her eyes, and stands up*

Olivia - “What’s up?”

Theo - “You’re being super extra, so I’m leaving.”

*Olivia awkwardly nods*


*Ji and Annalise sit in an alleyway, smoking*

Annalise - “Olivia just manipulated me, and made me feel like an idiot.”

Ji - “I mean, we all constantly talked about how obvious it was behind your guys’s back…”

Annalise - “That doesn’t make me feel better.”

Ji - “Is it my job to make you feel better?”

Annalise - “Fuck, why can’t you be nice for 5 fucking seconds?”

Ji - “I never pretended to be nice, nor did I ask to come out here.”

Annalise - “Fuck, fine, then I’ll fuck off.” *walks away, annoyed*

*Ji sighs, rolling her eyes, watching her walk away*

Ji - “ANNALISE.” *runs after her, catching up quick* “I’m not letting you walk home alone with a serial killer on the loose.”

Annalise - “Are you my friend or not? Why do you care? Stop being so back and forth with me, I want real.”

Ji - “I care about if you live or die, and I want to make sure you get home safe, okay?”

Annalise - “So… you’re my friend?”

Ji - “Don’t push it.”

*Annalise smiles, and Ji walks down the street with her*



Drew, on the phone - “Yo, I don’t know what to do about Becca. I really fucked up.”

Mason, on the other line - “Yeah, you fucked up when you fucked Alexa of all people. Jesus Christ, not only is it her best friend, it’s the biggest slut in Woodsboro. Honestly, I’m judging you harder than Becca EVER could.”

Drew, on the phone - “That isn’t helpful.”

Mason, on the other line - “I’m not a particularly helpful person.”

*Drew rolls his eyes and hangs up, walking back into the school building. Ghostface is in the bushes behind him*


*Alexa is grinding against Justin, Mr. Robinson stares at Alexa, while she does it. Alexa looks up and winks at him*

*Mrs. Travis notices, and scoffs*

Mr. Robinson, noticing her - “What?”

Mrs. Travis - “You fucked a student, wow.”

Mr. Robinson - “Mrs. Travis, please watch your language. Students are around.”

Mrs. Travis - “You shouldn’t be around them.” *storms out of the gymnasium*

*Mr. Robinson sighs and follows her out*

*Alexa notices Mrs. Travis and Mr. Robinson’s altercation and smirks, as Ghostface stares at her from a window, and moves away*


*Mrs. Travis stomps away, into the main office, Mr. Robinson follows*

Mrs. Travis - “No. Fuck off. I don’t want to see you.”’

Mr. Robinson - “Lucy.”

Mrs. Travis - “Don’t start, Randy, I’m not fucking with you. I am tired of you. I hate you. You are awful. You are vile. Get away from me.”

*Mr. Robinson kisses Mrs. Travis*

Mrs. Travis - “How can I forgive you after knowing you fucked a student?”

Mr. Robinson - “She was older than 18 at the time.”

Mrs. Travis - “Is that the truth?”

*Mr. Robinson nods*

Mrs. Travis - “I believe you.”

Mr. Robinson - “How can I forgive you knowing that you’re married?”

Mrs. Travis - “That’s something I need to forgive myself for. You knew I was married going into this, you have to forgive yourself too now.”

*Mr. Robinson chuckles and kisses her*

*Mid-Kiss Mrs. Travis opens her eyes to notice blood coming from the closet, she taps Mr. Robinson on the shoulder, and draws his attention to it*

Mr. Robinson - “Oh, fuck.”


* plays on the loudspeakers*

*Gabriel and Mac sit off to the side, with Becca*

Becca - “Are y’all…?”

Mac - “Oh, no no no.” *laughs slightly* “GOD no. I’m straight. I’m Mac, by the way.”

*Gabriel doesn’t comment*

Becca - “I’m Becca. You probably know my sister. You’re a Junior, right? Do you know Annalise?”

Mac - “Yes. I’m sort of close with her.”

Becca - “Is she okay?”

Mac - “I think she’s going to be?”

*Lora runs over to Becca*

Lora - “HUGE crisis, I think I might actually be liking JP.”

Becca - “NO. WAY.”

Mac rolls his eyes and whispers to Gabriel - “You’d never know anybody died just a few days ago.”

*Gabriel sighs*

*Alycia and Nickolas walk over to Mac and Gabriel*

Alycia - “So, you’ve been sitting here and doing nothing, while we’ve been gathering donations and even some recruits, so I have to assume you’ve actually gotten something done?”

*Mac and Gabriel awkwardly shift in their seats*

Alycia - “Didn’t think so. Get up and actually do something, please and thank you.” *walks away, with Nickolas*

*Mac and Gabriel slouch, annoyed*

Mac - “I didn’t even come here with the church, I don’t even go to church, I came here with you to actually investigate shit.”

Gabriel, with a slight smile - “You came as my date, then?”

*Mac looks over at Gabriel, and blankly stares at him*

Mac - “You know I really am straight, right?”

Gabriel nods, with a slight chuckle - “I was kidding, bro… I’m a Freshman, anyways.”

Mac - “Haha, yeah..” *uncomfortably stands up, and walks over to the dance floor*

*Gabriel buries his face in his hands, shaking his head*

*Drew walks over to Becca*

Becca, to Lora - “Go talk to JP… or Alexa… either way, I support you.”

Lora - “Thanks.” *walks away*

Drew - “Becca. Forget about it. This is Prom Night. You can’t let my stupid fucking mistake ruin tonight. We will remember this night for years. Let’s make the most of it.”

Becca - “Fine. I’ll celebrate now, but just now… tomorrow? I’m mad again. But, I won’t let prom get ruined for me.”

*Drew smiles at Becca, she scoffs in returns, but stands up to dance with him*


*Mrs. Travis opens up the closet, and Principal Scott’s body flops out of it*


*Mr. Robinson gasps, and runs towards the door, but as he reaches the door, Ghostface jumps out from the side, and stabs him in the gut*

Mrs. Travis, with tears in his eyes - “AHHHHHHHHH!”

*Mr. Robinson turns towards Mrs. Travis, holding his knife wounds*

Mr. Robinson - “I… love… you.”

*Mrs. Travis turns around, and notices a window behind her, as Ghostface slashes Mr. Robinson’s throat*

*Mrs. Travis opens the window, and jumps out, as Ghostface follows, running towards her*




*Mrs. Travis is being chased by Ghostface, when she bumps into Annalise and Ji*

Mrs. Travis, shrieking - “RUN, GIRLS, RUN. HE IS BEHIND ME.”

Ji - “Who is?”

Annalise - “Mrs. Travis, are you okay?”


*Ghostface comes from behind and stabs Mrs. Travis in the back*

Annalise - “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” *runs away*

*Ji, in shock, stares at Ghostface for a second, before sprinting away*


*Drew and Becca kiss*

*JP and Lora dance together*

*Alexa and Justin make out*

*Gabriel sits by himself, dwelling on what he said earlier*

*Alycia, Nickolas and Mac are approaching students, talking to them*


*Principal Scott and Mr. Robinson’s body face towards each other, the blood puddle getting larger and larger*


*Mrs. Travis stares at Ghostface, blood puddling under her*

Mrs. Travis - “You expect me to beg for my life? Fuck that. *she spits in his face*

*Ghostface raises his knife in the air and slashes it down, into her heart*

*Mrs. Travis chuckles, staring at the blood bursting out of her chest, as he raises his knife again and brings it down, over and over again*



Sickening, love the tension with Mac and Gabriel. Good kills too :)
Sent by Macda27,Jul 3, 2019
Sent by Kelly2722,Jul 3, 2019
Oop, I actually thought Mrs. Travis would make it. I blame Annalise and ji 💀
Sent by tkoj555,Jul 4, 2019
Love it!
Sent by varlto,Jul 4, 2019

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