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Big Brother : Diva House 2 Episode 6

Mar 13, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Hilary Duff
Kacey Musgraves - 1 HOH
Katy Perry - 1 HOH
Rumer Willis - 2 HOH 4 POV

12th - P!nk (8-1)
11th - Janelle Monae (5-3)
10th - Mary-Kate Olsen (5-2)
9th - Dua Lipa (5-1) - 2 HOH 1 POV
8th - Kesha (5-0)
7th - Aly Michalka (3-1) - 1 HOH 1 POV
6th - Normani Kordei (3-0) - 1 POV


Alliance #1 : Kacey, Katy, Monica, Rumer

Alliance #2 : Hilary, Kacey, Monica, Rumer

Alliance #3 : Katy & Monica

Hilary finishes last.

The competition comes down to Kacey, Rumer and Monica.

Kacey finishes 3rd.

Monica, DR - Wouldn’t it be cool... to actually win something? That’s what I thought when I was against 20 time comp winner Rumer Willis.

Rumer finishes second.

Monica, DR - And it worked!


Monica, DR, HOH - WOO! At age 38... I’m the old bitch here. But I still am kicking it! Now, what will I do? One bitch knows.

Hilary, DR - ****.

Rumer, DR - I am such a huge threat at this point, I know Hilary is gonna be one nom. I wouldn’t doubt I’d be the other. And that’s scary.


Monica - First key... Katy, you safe.
Second key... Rumer, you safe.

I have nominated you Hilary, and you Kacey.

Hilary, I really hate you. That’s all. Kacey, you are just a red flag.

Hilary - You HATE me? A bit personal, don’t ya think?

Monica - Oh **** you, Hilary Duff. This meeting is adjourned.

Hilary, DR, Nominee - It kind of hurts. It’s a game and I’m getting attacked by Monica. *wipes tear away* I just feel attacked.

Kacey, DR, Nominee - Cool.


Everyone is playing.

Katy finishes last.

*Katy growls, and rolls her eyes, aggressively*

Monica finishes 4th.

Hilary, DR, Nom - I am going all out for it. I am going to save myself.

Kacey finishes 3rd.

Hilary, DR, Nom - I just have to beat Bruce Willis’s daughter.

Hilary finishes 2nd.

Hilary, DR, Nom - She’s unstoppable.

Rumer, you have won the Golden Power Of Veto!

Rumer, DR, POV - I needed to save myself, because who the hell else will? It’s very tempting to take the comp beast out, so I’m going all out from here on out. Any comp in my path. I. Will. Win.


Rumer - I won’t waste your time. I’m not using it.

Kacey, DR, Nom - Rumer is kind of a bitch. Not even letting me have a final plea? So.. I need to take my anger out somehow. I can’t do it with Rumer, so...

*Kacey sneaks into the HOH bedroom and flips the mattress over, before sneaking out*

Kacey, DR - I took my pettiness out with Monica.

*Monica enters her room and sees her mattress and rolls her eyes*

Monica, DR, HOH - Sick Of these games.

Host Barbara Streisand - You both have a final chance to plea your case.

Hilary - Uh, Yeah. This was a different experience I’ve ever had... yeah.

Kacey - I flipped your bed, Monica.

Monica - You [CUT TO FISH].

Katy -  I evict Hilary.

Rumer - Hilary.

Host Barbra Streisand - By a vote of 2 to 0... Hilary Duff, you have been evicted from Diva House.

*Hilary just leaves*

5th - Hilary Duff (2-0)


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