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Big Brother : Diva House 2 Episode 3

Mar 11, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Aly Michalka - 1 HOH 1 POV
Dua Lipa - 1 HOH
Hilary Duff
Kacey Musgraves
Katy Perry
Mary-Kate Olsen
Rumer Willis - 1 POV

12th - P!nk (8-1)
11th - Janelle Monae (5-3)


Alliance #1 : Kacey, Katy, Monica, Rumer

Alliance #2 : Hilary, Kacey, Monica, Rumer

Alliance #3 : Katy & Monica

Alliance #4 : Monica & Normani

Alliance #5 : Kesha & Monica

Monica, DR - So... I didn’t expect Janelle to go. Not that she was, like, my main ally, but.. my MAIN ALLIES... LIED to me. So, going into HOH... I might need it.

*Kesha looks distraught and confused*


Dua Lipa, DR - I was Head Of Household week 1, so in concept.. I wouldn’t want this... but I just got blindsided by the vote, so... I actually need this.

Rumer finishes last.
Mary-Kate finishes 8th.

Mary-Kate, DR - The majority just kept me safe, so I’m not too worried about failing in this challenge. I feel safe. I’m.. CONFIDENT. *smirks*

Katy finishes 7th. Normani finishes 6th. Monica finishes 5th.

Monica, DR - I don’t know who I trust anymore, but Dua and Kesha seemed shocked, so... pulling for one of them.

Kesha finishes 4th.

The competition comes down to Dua Lipa, Hilary and Kacey.

Kacey, DR - I feel as though I’m who Queenpinned the last vote. And Dua was left out of it so me or Hilary have to win over Dua Lipa.

Kacey finishes 3rd.
Hilary finishes 2nd.


Dua Lipa, DR, HOH - 2 for 2 HOH wins. And I NEEDED it and I’m out... FOR BLOOD.

Hilary, DR - Dua Lipa was left out of the last plan, so I don’t know where her mind is at, but... hopefully she has bigger fish to fry than me.


Dua Lipa - First key... Kesha, you’re safe.

Second key... Aly. You. Are safe.

Third key... Normani, you’re safe.

Fourth key... Monica, you. Are safe.

Fifth key.... Kacey. *Kacey gasps and smiles* You. Are safe.

Sixth key... Hilary. You are safe.

Hilary - Thank you.

*The Camera zooms in on Rumer, then Mary-Kate, then an annoyed Katy*

Dua Lipa - Final key... Rumer. You are safe.

Rumer - Woo, Thanks!

Dua Lipa - Mary-Kate and Katy, you are my nominees. Neither of you have made a connection with me, and I can’t trust either of you. sorry not sorry.

*Katy starts cackling*

Katy, DR, Nominee, laughing - What a stupid bitch.

Dua Lipa - Katy, don’t act like a victim, you literally were laughing to me about flipping Kesha’s mattress.

*Katy stops laughing*

Kesha - THAT WAS YOU?!


*Kesha starts crying*

Kesha, DR - It was traumatic. I go into my bedroom and see.. my mattress... flipped. *cries into her hands*

Mary-Kate, DR, Nominee - *stares blankly into the camera* I’m nominated.


Players : Dua Lipa, Mary-Kate, Katy, Hilary, Kacey (Mary-Kate’s HG Choice), Kesha.

Katy, DR, Nominee - Drawing Kesha’s name was such a slap in the face. She hates me. I think, I don’t really care but... I hope she loses.

Katy finishes last.
Mary-Kate finishes 5th.

Mary-Kate, DR, Nominee - Katy is the Devil. He is the president of the Illuminati. He finished 6th because he represents the triple 6. If they keep him over me, they will be sorry. Him being Katy. Lucifer.

Kesha finishes 4th.

The competition comes down to Hilary, Kacey and Dua.

Hilary - Deja vu!

Kacey, DR - I was safe pre veto but I might not be safe post, so I need to-

Kacey finishes 3rd.

Hilary finishes 2nd.

Congratulations, Dua Lipa! You have won the Golden Power Of Veto!

Aly - I’m SHOOK, sis!

Dua Lipa, DR, HOH/POV - When I needed it most, I came through. I am admittedly the biggest threat here, and I own it... BITCH.


Dua Lipa - You both have a chance to say why I should use it on you.

Mary-Kate - I think you should fight the real enemy.

Katy - I’m a loyal bitch.

Dua Lipa - I don’t use it.

Katy - **** you, bitch. *stands up and starts chopping carrots*

*Mary-Kate just states directly at Dua Lipa, blank and emotionless*

*Dua Lipa closes the veto box and runs away*

Katy, DR, Nominee - I can’t believe Dua Lipa is wasting her time when real threats are running around against her.

Katy whispers to Monica - She is so ****ing DUMB.

Dua Lipa, DR, HOH - Katy makes herself just look like an emotional bitter idiot... get a grip, sis. Sorry not sorry.


-Monica is sitting with Hilary, Normani, Katy & Dua Lipa-

Monica - I have 3 number 1 hits... 8 top 10 hits...

*Everyone is unamused*

Hilary, DR - Monica is sort of... a big personality. And that rubs people the wrong way.

Monica - A Grammy...

Katy, DR, Nominee - *eyeroll* I have 9 #1 hits, 14 top 10 hits, 30 songs on the charts... she has me beat in the Grammy category, but... yeah, I think we can ALL list accomplishments here. But we don’t. And she’s just... a total diva, she fits the bill.

*Rumer, Kacey and Hilary chill in the kitchen*

Rumer - I don’t know, Mary-Kate Olsen just... creeps me out.

Hilary nods - She’s such a freak.

Kacey - Let’s just take her out?

*Everyone nods in agreement*

Hilary, DR - Last week I wanted Mary-Kate out but they all changed their minds last minute. Now... the freak is finally leaving! Hopefully.


Host Barbra Streisand - You both have a last chance to plead your case.

Mary-Kate - I am loyal... as HELL. In which Katy is the leader of. Hell. She’s a Demon. Fight it.

Katy - The [CUT TO FISH]?! Okay... uh.... yeah I don’t have a speech. So... go off.

Aly - I vote to evict Mary-Kate
Hilary - I vote to evict Mary-Kate
Kacey - I vote to evict Mary-Kate
Kesha - I evict bully Katy.
Monica - I vote to evict Mary-Kate
Normani - I vote to evict Katy
Rumer - I vote to evict Mary-Kate

Host Barbra Streisand - BY A VOTE OF 5 TO 2... Mary-Kate, you have been evicted from Diva House.

Mary-Kate - Peace, Love, goodbye. *leaves*

Katy - I wonder who voted for me. *glares at Kesha*

Kesha - [FISH] you, you flipped my mattress.

Katy - IT. WAS. A. JOKE.

10th - Mary-Kate Olsen (5-2)



katy is FAT evict her ass
Sent by SharonMaItems,Mar 11, 2019

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