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Big Brother : Diva House 2 Episode 2

Mar 10, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Aly Michalka
Dua Lipa - 1 HOH
Hilary Duff
Janelle Monae
Kacey Musgraves
Katy Perry
Mary-Kate Olsen
Rumer Willis - 1 POV

12th - P!nk (8-1)


Alliance #1 : Kacey, Katy, Monica, Rumer

Alliance #2 : Hilary, Kacey, Monica, Rumer

Alliance #3 : Katy & Monica

Alliance #4 : Monica & Normani

Alliance #5 : Kesha & Monica


Katy, DR - I was kind of blindsided because I was the only one to vote for Normani... not even Monica voted with me. Monica was my closest ally. Can I trust her?! I’m shook! My wig... is evaporated!

Hilary finishes last.

Hilary, DR -  I am not as fit as I used to be. Lizzie McGuire turned 30, sorry! But who cares anyways. Too early to have the blood on your hands.

Katy finishes 9th.

Katy, DR - Well... bad time to flop a comp, because... I was in the minority, so... this sucks! If I’m being completely honest. Hopefully.... they don’t want me gone next.

Mary-Kate finishes 8th. Kesha finishes 7th. Janelle finishes 6th.

Normani finishes 5th.

Normani, DR - I did just get nominated, but the house almost unanimously saved me, so... I’m not, like, shaking, but I’m definitely not... stoked about losing.

Monica finishes 4th, it comes down to Kacey, Aly & Rumer.

Rumer finishes 3rd.

Rumer, DR - I did just win a Veto... so I guess it’s fine, but... my target is quite clear already, so... I do wish I could’ve pulled through. I’ll survive, though!

Kacey finishes 2nd.


Aly, DR, Head Of Household - Hey, AJ! Come at me, SIS! Hahahahaha, kidding. I hope you’re my letter from home!


Aly, reading the letter from home - Aly, the label dropped us. Love, AJ.

*extended silence*

Aly - Cute!


Aly - First key.... Dua Lipa, you are safe.

Second key... Kesha, you are safe.

Third key.... Kacey, you are safe.

Fourth key... Rumer, you’re safe.

Fifth key... Normani, you’re safe.

Sixth key... Hilary, you are safe.

Seventh key... Monica, you’re safe.

Eighth key... Katy, you. Are safe.

*Camera cuts to a blank faced Mary-Kate, and a smiling Janelle*

Aly - Sorry, Mary-Kate. The real sister duo is Aly & AJ. You’re the vampire brand discount us.

Mary-Kate - We’ve been twinning since before you were born, sweetie.

Aly rolls her eyes - Okay, old ass bitch... and Janelle, I just feel less close to you than others.

Janelle - I don’t even get a read? Rude!

Aly - This ceremony is adjourned.

Aly, DR, HOH - I feel good with my decision. I don’t feel comfortable with either nom, and they’d do the same. Plain. Simple.

Mary-Kate, DR, Nom - I don’t know why AJ felt the need to attack me. Is she jealous? Is she jealous my net worth is more than her? But I’m not bothered by it. I’m determined now. I got a drive in me now.

Janelle, DR, Nom - I can’t say if I’d have nominated Aly or not, but.. if I stay... you bet I will! Her computer drive will be turning off soon if I stay!


Players : Aly, Mary-Kate, Janelle, Dua Lipa, Kesha & Kacey.

Dua Lipa finishes last.

Dua Lipa, DR - I didn’t throw, I don’t throw. But I’m not unhappy I lost. I can’t be too big of a threat too soon.

Kesha finishes 5th.

Mary-Kate, DR, Nom - I am making progress. I am almost there. I am going to wi-

Mary-Kate finishes 4th.

The competition comes down to Aly, Janelle & Kacey.

Janelle, DR, Nom - I am so close, I can taste it. It’s in my veins. It’s in my blood. I am staying.

Kacey, DR - I’ve come close many many times. This could be my time!

Aly, DR, HOH - I need to make sure the noms stay the same. I can’t get more blood on my hands.

Janelle finishes 3rd.

-Aly smiles-

Janelle, DR, Nom - Getting so close and losing is a huge punch in the face.  I feel defeated. And this.. sucks.

Kacey finishes 2nd.

Congratulations, Aly! You have won the Golden Power Of Veto!

Aly, DR, HOH/POV - Survey says... I have 100% power this week... and I’m 100% that bitch. AJ would be proud. The house is shaking, and America will SO be buying my single “Take Me” by Aly & AJ. The charts are shaking.


Aly - I’ll let you two ladies make a speech.

Mary-Kate - Aly, I’m very loyal. I will be your MK AJ.

Janelle - Just get to it, sis.

Aly - I don’t use it, bye! *closes box* Meeting over. Peace, bitches!

*Janelle frustratingly runs up the stairs, to get away from the negative energy*

Janelle, DR - I don’t want to even see her fake blonde hair right now. She has this unnecessary petty attitude about her, and it’s a punch in the face while getting punched in the face. It’s a double punch.

*Mary-Kate just stares ahead*

Mary-Kate, DR, Nom - I don’t much care about what happens next. I can buy her.


*Katy, Hilary and Dua Lipa are sitting together*

Katy, DR - A little known fact is that during the whole trial thing with Kesha... I wasn’t out there pleading my loyalty and support to her, and... she and Lady Gaga totally shaded me and talked a lot of smack.

Katy whispers to Dua and Hilary - Want to know what would be so funny?

*Katy goes into Kesha’s room and flips Kesha’s mattress*

Katy, DR - Harmless fun... totally!

*Kesha goes into her room later and finds her mattress flipped, and walks into the living room*

Kesha - Who did that?

*Katy silently sips her tea*

Kesha, DR - I don’t know what happened... and it feels like bullying. But, I’m a survivor.

Kesha - Nobody wants to confess? Mmkay. Petty ass.. *puts her mattress back*

*Katy and Dua Lipa start cackling, Katy spitting her tea out*

Katy, DR - I don’t feel bad, she just had to put her mattress back. Sorry, sis! Get over it.


*Hilary, Kacey, Normani & Rumer hang out*

Kacey - I ain’t gon’ lie, I think Janelle is mad smart.

*Hilary’s jaw drops*

Hilary, DR - We were... set on sending creepy Kate out the door.  Now, Kacey is changing the plan, and I’m shocked.

Kacey, DR - Janelle is smart, Mary-Kate is a pariah. We might never have another opportunity... to take out... Janelle Monae.


Host Barbra Streisand - You’ll both have a chance to give a speech.

Mary-Kate - Thank you, all... this experience was amazing. Love you, Ashley and Elizabeth.

Janelle - I am LOYAL as HELL.

Dua Lipa - I vote to evict Mary-Kate Olsen. Sorry Ashley!

Hilary - I evict... ah... omg... Janelle...

Kacey - I vote to evict Janelle. Sadly.

Katy - I evict Janelle!

Kesha - I vote to evict Mary-Kate.

Monica - I vote to evict Mary-Kate.

Normani - I vote to evict... sadly... Janelle Monae.

Rumer - Sorry, Janelle.

Host Barbra Streisand - By a vote of 5 to 3... Janelle. You have been evicted.

*The 3 are very shocked*

*Janelle bitterly leaves the house immediately, without saying a word*

Monica - The [CUT TO FISH] just happened?

11th - Janelle Monae (5-3)


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