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Survivor : Diva Island 2 Episode 10

Feb 25, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Broadway Tribe -
Alicia Keys
Iggy Azalea
Lea Michele

Rap Tribe -
Idina Menzel - IDOL HOLDER
Missy Elliott
Nicole Scherzinger
Queen Latifah

20th - Ciara (4-1) - 16th, 20th.
19th - Azealia Banks (3-2) - 8th, 19th
18th - Barbra Streisand (4-4/4-2) - 17th, 18th
17th - Emmylou Harris (6-2)
16th - Carrie Underwood (5-4)
15th - Danielle Bregoli (4-3)
14th - Dolly Parton (4-2-1) 10th, 14th
13th - Liza Minnelli (4-3)
12th - Kristin Chenoweth (4-3)
11th - Loretta Lynn (3-3/3-1)
10th - Reba McEntire (3-2)

Alicia Keys (RnB)
Ashanti (RnB)
Idina Menzel (Broadway) - IDOL HOLDER
Iggy Azalea (Rap)
Lea Michele (Broadway)
Missy Elliott (Rap)
Nicole Scherzinger (RnB)
Queen Latifah (Rap)
Tinashe (RnB)

RnB at Rap Tribe : Alicia, Nicole, Tinashe

Rap at Rap Tribe : Missy & Queen Latifah

Original RnB Tribe : Alicia, Ashanti, Nicole, Tinashe

New Broadway Tribe : Ashanti, Idina, Iggy, Lea

New Rap Tribe : Alicia, Missy, Nicole, Queen Latifah, Tinashe

New Broadway Tribe Alliance 2 :  Alicia, Ashanti, Iggy, Lea

New Rap Tribe Alliance 2 : Idina, Missy, Nicole, Queen Latifah, Tinashe
Pre-Immunity :
Tinashe, CF - Going into merge, I feel VERY well positioned, but here’s the thing... it’s top 9. It’s getting to the breaking point and things WILL get Cutthroat. I don’t expect anything to come easy at this point. I’m here to get down and dirty!


Lea wins immunity!

Lea, CF - First Immunity is won. That’s huge. I am SAFE and with my position... that could be what means majority or minority. I need time to construct an alliance to save me and then maybe in the bigger picture... it could be dominant. Being immune gives me that chance to go off and get what I need.


Idina, CF - I have my idol still, which is perfect going into a merge, especially this late in the game. PLUS, Lea is immune. Tribe Broadway is going in strong. Now...

-Idina and Lea are gathered in the woods-

Idina - We need Numbers.

Lea - How do you feel about New Broadway? Ashanti, Alicia & Iggy?

Idina - Do you worry that Ashanti and Alicia will stick with Tinashe and Nicole?

Lea - I mean, it’s possible for sure, but I think there’s holes there.. if we at least give them the options, we have a chance. And I’m immune, so this is a good time to do so, and... you were in exile first... just bluff an idol.

*Idina smiles*


-Nicole, Tinashe, Alicia and Ashanti are in a square-

Alicia - From first tribal to having the numbers advantage at merge.

Tinashe, CF - I don’t trust Alicia, straight up. But if I can have the bond with her to further myself in the game... hey Ms. Keys!

Ashanti - I’m thinking we, Alicia and I, can get tribe Broadway on board, and they can get Iggy on board...

Nicole - Wouldn’t we just need tribe Broadway?


Ashanti - Yeah, but Iggy can’t hurt.

Tinashe, CF - It’s clear there’s a bit of distrust there...

Ashanti, CF - They clearly are paranoid and don’t trust us entirely, so might as well get Iggy on board, right?

Tinashe, CF - I’m really sketched out by them... why would she be like “oh we can get Broadway Tribe.. AND Iggy”? We have majority, Ashanti. Do you not trust out majority, Ashanti?

Ashanti - I think out of Tribe Rap Missy is the strongest player.

Tinashe - Yeah.

Alicia, CF - I think Ashanti might have set Tinashe off? And Nicole, but... it doesn’t mean anything, because if we get Broadway Tribe and Iggy on board, we have the majority. Now, here’s the problem... Iggy also was an OG Rap Triber, so we might need to do some convincing.


-Alicia lies with Iggy-

Alicia - We’re thinking of making a move with Broadway tribe, and... it’s not set in stone yet.. would you hypothetically want to -

Iggy - Missy? She a huge threat.

Alicia - How’d you know?

Iggy - Y’all’d be dumb not ta’. Honestly, I’ll talk to Tribe Broadway with ya, I wan’er GONE.

Alicia, CF - That was.... easier than I thought... cool!


-Alicia, Ashanti, Idina, Lea & Iggy sit together-

Iggy - I think we oughta get out Missy Elliott now or she finna win.

Idina - Seriously?

Iggy - Yuh.

Idina - Wow!

Idina, CF - I didn’t expect it to be easy to convince Iggy to vote with us, but she cane to US... obviously she could be lying, with the paranoia about my idol, but.... I feel like I’m in a set position right now... Which... wait, *chuckles* witch is... *chuckles* wicked! *starts laughing hysterically*


-Missy, Queen Latifah, Tinashe, Ashanti & Nicole stand in a circle-

Missy - What are we thinking?

Tinashe - I don’t trust... Alicia, very much.

*Ashanti’s eyebrows raise*

Ashanti, CF - I am playing both sides right now... because originally I was more with Tinashe and Nicole than Alicia. But now Tinashe and Nicole are getting sketched out, and now are even targeting Alicia. I think that’s very shady, because Alicia isn’t targeting them, and they’re being defensive aggressive. It’s a very sticky situation, i don’t know whose side I’m on. And I can’t find a way to convince tribe rap to keep Alicia, because at F8, we’d have half the numbers. There’s no good way to divert that target.


-Missy and Queen Latifah meet in the woods with Iggy-

Missy - I think we have the numbers to get rid of Alicia, if we wanted to.

-Iggy nods, smiling-

Iggy, CF - Missy is gon’ be SOOO blindSIDED and I’m exCIDED. Who sings that song? Bitch bedda have my munny, cuz dis blindside finna be payin’ my CHECKZ when I win. My resume be GROWING like a ***********.

Missy, CF - I feel as though any time you feel comfortable, it’s a bad sign, so I’m feeling out everyone, in hopes the target diverts off of me entirely. I have Iggy and Tinashe, Nicole and Ashanti hopefully working for me, but the only one I trust 100% is Queen Latifah.

-Missy and Queen Latifah walk together-

Missy - Do you think I’m good?

Queen Latifah - Never get too comfortable, these people have a lot of options, it just depends who they want to be good with.

Queen Latifah, CF - Me nor Missy nor ANYBODY besides Lea... is sitting pretty this tribal. With all the swaps and the twists and the turns and the mutinies.... the dynamics are very blurred at this point... we just have to hope for the best...


Barbra - I’ll read the votes...

First vote... Alicia.

Second vote... Missy.

Third vote... Missy.

Fourth vote... Alicia.

2 votes Alicia, 2 votes Missy.

Fifth vote... Alicia.

Sixth vote... Missy.

Seventh vote... Alicia.

Eighth vote... Missy.

4 votes Alicia, 4 votes Missy. One vote left.

Final vote.... and the fourth member of the jury.... Missy Elliott. The tribe has spoken.

*Missy leaves uneventfully, a few shocked expressions, including an annoyed look by Tinashe*

Barbra - The first merge boot proves... we are split down the middle. Good night, divas.

9th - Missy Elliott (5-4)

Alicia - Missy
Ashanti - Missy
Idina - Missy
Iggy - Missy
Lea - Missy
Missy - Alicia
Nicole - Alicia
Queen Latifah - Alicia
Tinashe - Alicia


Comment to be tagged!

Missy Elliott, Leaving Words - I thought I did well... I made it this far... maybe if the mutiny didn’t happen and we merged sooner I’d have made it, but... it just didn’t work out for me... maybe. Can’t live in the past though, I’m rooting for all of these strong women. No bitterness.


Sent by D882,Feb 25, 2019

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