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Survivor : Diva Island 2 Episode 8

Feb 24, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Ashanti (RnB)
Idina Menzel (Broadway) - IDOL HOLDER
Iggy Azalea (Rap)
Kristin Chenoweth (Broadway)
Lea Michele (Broadway)
Loretta Lynn (Country)

Alicia Keys (RnB)
Missy Elliott (Rap)
Nicole Scherzinger (RnB)
Queen Latifah (Rap)
Reba McEntire (Country)
Tinashe (RnB)

20th - Ciara (4-1) - 16th, 20th.
19th - Azealia Banks (3-2) - 8th, 19th
18th - Barbra Streisand (4-4/4-2) - 17th, 18th
17th - Emmylou Harris (6-2)
16th - Carrie Underwood (5-4)
15th - Danielle Bregoli (4-3)
14th - Dolly Parton (4-2-1) 10th, 14th
13th - Liza Minnelli (4-3)



Barbra - Everyone, I know I said this was merely a reward challenge.. I lied. It’s time... for a MUTINY.

Castaways are given the opportunity to mutiny to the other tribe.

Anyone who does so will leave their tribe and join the other.

*Everyone gasps*

Barbra - You have a minute to decide.

*Idina steps up*

*Kristin’s jaw drops*

*Alicia steps up*

At the last second *Reba steps forward*

Broadway Tribe -
Alicia Keys
Iggy Azalea
Kristin Chenoweth
Lea Michele
Loretta Lynn
Reba McEntire

Rap Tribe -
Idina Menzel - IDOL HOLDER
Missy Elliott
Nicole Scherzinger
Queen Latifah

Broadway Tribe Alliances -
Broadway @ Broadway : Kristin & Lea

Original RnB Tribe Alliance : Alicia & Ashanti

Original Country Tribe Alliance : Loretta & Reba

New Broadway Tribe Alliance : Ashanti, Iggy, Kristin, Lea, Loretta

New Rap Tribe Alliance : Alicia & Reba

Rap Tribe Alliances -
RnB Tribe At Rap Tribe/Original RnB Tribe Alliance : Nicole & Tinashe

Rap Tribe at Rap : Missy & Queen Latifah

New Rap Tribe Alliance : Missy, Nicole, Queen Latifah & Tinashe.


Rap Tribe Wins Reward!
They win a trip to a relaxing environment!

They will get muffins, coffee, and danishes while reading letters from home..

They can also send one player from the losing tribe to Exile Island.

They send Ashanti.

Alicia, CF - Did I make the right move? Who knows, but... no good game is without risk, and this was the riskiest move EVER. This will work out in the end, for SURE. I’m psyched for this game changing opportunity.


-Ashanti just lies down-

Ashanti, CF - I don’t really understand why I got sent here.. I didn’t mutiny, I just mind my own damn business... seems like a waste of time, BUT... I’ll survive. It just seems unnecessary.

Lea, CF - Idina mutinied, which came as a shock... and THEN on TOP of that... Alicia and Reba mutinied. This round has been a WHIRLWIND. And I’m not sure if I have people I have good faith in at this point. This could be... a problem.


Idina, CF - I don’t know.. if this was a good idea. People could say this was a BAD idea. But I have an idol, and a chance to make big moves. No regrets. I think there’s a good chance this could go either way!



Idina, CF - I knew everything would work out right! Of course, there’s more time to go by, but I feel as though I mutinied to the stronger team and can form stronger bonds. Just WATCH.


-Kristin pouts-

Kristin, CF - My good friend IDINA... MUTINIED. And now I’m in a rough spot.

Kristin - Idina really ****ed us over.

*Reba and Loretta sit by each other, rolling their eyes at Kristin’s meltdown*

Loretta, CF - The Mutiny CHANGED THE GAME. And now, it isn’t obvious who’s next. Reba has given me a second life, and I can tell... some people aren’t as crazy for it.

Kristin - F**king can’t believe it.

Lea, CF - Kristin and I are quite blindsided by Idina’s actions, and... one of us is being more vocal than the other...

Kristin - That is not what WICKED is about. WICKED is about loyalty and sisterhood. She really is the ****ing wicked witch.

Lea, CF - I’ve never seen Kristin like this before, and I don’t really see this going over very well with the tribe. She’s being super bitter.


-Alicia and Ashanti sit together-

Alicia - How’s this tribe been?

Ashanti - Highs and lows, but you mutinying is HUGE.

Ashanti, CF - I couldn’t show this, but I am ECSTATIC Alicia mutinied. Because before right now... the numbers were 3-1-1-1, now its 2-2-2-1. Country tribe doesn’t have this lead anymore. And with Kristin pissing off half the tribe with her not cute attitude... I think we can do something.. BIG.

Ashanti - I think Loretta and Reba... would vote with us.

Alicia - I’ll talk to them.

Alicia, CF - I vibe much more with Ashanti than I did with Tinashe or Nicole. I have from the start. So this mutiny was a chance to get to work with trustworthy people again.

Ashanti - I think I can get them, don’t worry. Come with me.


-Ashanti, Alicia, Reba & Loretta stand in a square-

Ashanti - Ladies, you 2.. vote with us. By merge, we got a majority with team RnB. We can get you all to the final.

*Loretta smiles*

Loretta, CF - Having power in this game is key, and... I genuinely think we’re the swings, NOT the targets this ti-


-Kristin, Lea & Iggy are lying around-

Lea - I really trust team RnB.. and I think we can get them to vote out Reba.

Lea, CF - Every round we target country tribe, and every round they stay!

“EmmyLou, the tribe has spoken”, “Carrie, the tribe has spoken”, “Dolly, the tribe has spoken.”]

Lea, CF - If we can get RnB Tribe to see that... we can exploit it and save ourselves!

Lea - I think we get tribe RnB to vote out... Reba. She’s the new kid on the block, so it should work.


-Alicia, Ashanti, Loretta & Reba stay in the square-

Alicia - Kristin’s attitude is totally showing her unwavering loyalty to Idina.

Reba nods - One hundred percent.

Reba, CF - I need to catch up with tribal lines and everything, being a mutinyier and everything... I feel comfortable with Ashanti and Alicia though, and of course my tribe friend Loretta.

*Loretta and Reba walk deeper in the woods, talking*

Loretta - I feel we need to hear all the options first. I think with you showing up, we’ll be the swing-


-Lea calls Alicia and Ashanti over-

Lea - I wanted to talk to you about the vote. We think Reba is the other new one, and she’s a lot older and weaker. Let’s take her out.

Ashanti, CF - I totally thought tribe Broadway would want to make a move on us... but apparently they want the old women out... AWESOME. Now, we have options.


*Reba and Loretta are talking*

Reba - I’m new, and you were the odd one out of sorts before I mutinied... why do we want to risk it? I’m not comfortable.

Reba, CF - I just want my time in this game to last, and Loretta needs to.. take a step back and think... do we feel safe?

*Loretta sighs*

Loretta, CF - I think Reba is unnecessarily paranoid. I don’t think we have a single thing to worry about.. but she’s the new girl, so... I can’t attack her for her discomfort level. She made a ballsy move mutiny’ing, she gets to feel uncomfortable. But, I’ll see if I can get her to see it my way by tribal.


Barbra Streisand - I’ll read the votes.

First vote.. Kristin.

Second vote... Reba.

Third vote... Kristin.

Fourth vote... Reba.

Reba - Told you!

Barbra - Fifth vote... Reba. 3 votes Reba, 2 votes Kristin.

*Kristin rolls her eyes*

Barbra - Sixth vote... Kristin. 3 votes Reba, 3 votes Kristin. 1 vote left.

*Lea frowns, in dismay*

Barbra - Final vote, player leaving... AND... the first member of the jury... *EVERYONE GASPS* Kristin. Kristin, the TRIBE has spoken.

Reba - Oh my god, thank you God. Thank you, divas.

*Ashanti smiles*

Kristin - Bye, divas. Really screwing me over like you screwed Liza Minnelli.

*Lea frowns at Kristin leaving*

Barbra - Another Broadway Queen is down. Will Lea survive?!

Lea - Thanks.

Barbra - Good night, divas.

12th - Kristin Chenoweth (4-3)

Alicia - Kristin
Ashanti - Kristin
Iggy - Reba
Kristin - Reba
Lea - Reba
Loretta - Kristin
Reba - Kristin


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Kristin Chenoweth, Leaving Words - I played my tiny little 4 foot 11 heart out! I competed hard, and it took a mutiny to take me out, so... I’m not regretting anything. Idina is still my main broadway bitch and yeah! Hope Broadway pulls through! I made it to the jury, so... I got my eyes on you, EVERYONE.

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