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Survivor : Diva Island Episode 7

Feb 10, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Christina Aguilera (Dion, Dion)
Diana Ross (Dion, Del Rey)
Janet Jackson (Del Rey, Cher)
Kelly Clarkson (Del Rey, Cher)
Kelly Rowland (Del Rey, Cher) - IDOL HOLDER
Selena Gomez (Del Rey, Dion)
Shakira (Dion, Del Rey)

Azealia Banks (Dion, Cher)
Brandy Norwood (Del Rey, Del Rey)
Dolly Parton (Del Rey, Dion)
Jennifer Lopez (Del Rey, Del Rey)
Miranda Lambert (Dion, Cher) - Legacy Holder
Stevie Nicks (Dion, Dion)
Tina Turner (Dion, Del Rey)

20th - Demi Lovato (9-1)
19th - Yoko Ono (8-1)
18th - Miley Cyrus (4-2)
17th - Barbra Streisand (4-4-3/ROCK)
16th - Ciara (3-3/ROCKS)
15th - Gwen Stefani (5-*2*)


Dion :
Del Rey Alliance #1 : Dolly, JLo

Dion Alliance #2 : Azealia, Miranda, Stevie

Del Rey Alliance #3 : JLo, Tina

Dion Alliance #3 : Brandy, Miranda, Tina



-Azealia pours every ounce of rice they have into the fire as soon as they get back-

Azealia, CF - I tried to throw the challenge, if I’m being honest. I wanted to manage to get Brandy out.

*Miranda tries to calm Azealia down*

Miranda - Azealia, you can’t do that. What are we going to eat now? I’m a champion for you..

Brandy, who is standing by the shelter - Oh? You’re a CHAMPION for her?

Miranda - Brandy-

Brandy - You said if I got Gwen out, you’d work with me and take Azealia out next. You f***king lies. I don’t f**k with liars. Miranda, you’re done. *stomps away*

Brandy, CF - My alliance with Miranda is OVER, because Miranda is a ssssssssnake. She’s playing both sides... I don’t like that.

*Dolly smiles into the camera, watching the drama unfold*

Dolly, CF - Being in the minority sucked, but y’all don’t count a Dolly out yet! The tribe EXPLODED. And that’s cool!

Miranda, CF - I feel good still. I still have numbers... luckily, no tribal today. And my advantage is in play next tribal. I’m untouchable for the time being.

Del Rey Tribe Events :
-Janet and Kelly R. are lying down on the beach, together, relaxing-

Shakira - Tribe, I’d  like to have a tribe meeting before tribal. Can we all gather around in a gathering together?

*They all gather together*

Selena - Whats up, Shakira?

Shakira - This actually is about you, Selena.

Selena, CF - Shakira calls a Tribe meeting... about me? I didn’t do anything, so I’m truly confused.

Shakira - I have a problem with one of you here, because I feel as though she didn’t contribute anything in the challenge... Selena, what do you have to say for yourself?

*theres a pause*

Christina, CF - I don’t like Shakira, and seeing her attack Selena like that just set me off.

Christina - Shakira, knock your games off.

*Selena goes back to the shelter, avoiding confrontation*

Christina - What’s the matter with you? Seriously! I’m literally asking you, Shakira.

Kelly R., CF - The stress of the game has been totally getting to me recently, and now that people are fighting... I don’t know if I can take it.

*Kelly R. goes to the shelter, next to Selena, and starts sobbing*

*Janet rolls her eyes at Kelly R.*

Janet, CF - Every. Round. She. Is. Sobbing. Girl bye.

Cher - If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to use it now is the time to do so. Alright, here’s the votes.

First vote... Kelly R.

Second vote... XTina.

Third vote.. Kelly R.

Fourth vote.. XTINA.

Fifth vote... XTina.

Sixth Vote... and the player leaving XTina.

Christina - Ugggghhhhh.... bye. Selena, i stood up for you, and you stabbed me in the face.

Selena - Sorry, it wasn’t happening...

Cher - The Tribe has spoken.

14th - Christina Aguilera (5-2)

Christina - Kelly R.
Diana - Christina
Janet - Kelly R.
Kelly - Christina
Kelly - Christina
Selena - Christina
Shakira - Christina


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Christina Aguilera, Leaving Words - I feel betrayed by Selena... I was protecting her and she did this to me... but ultimately, I didn’t fight hard enough the past few hours. It was my own damn fault.

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