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Survivor : Diva Island Episode 4

Feb 10, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

New Tribe Del Rey :
Brandy Norwood (Del Rey)
Diana Ross (Dion)
Jennifer Lopez (Del Rey)
Shakira (Dion)
Tina Turner (Dion)

New Tribe Dion :
Barbra Streisand (Dion)
Christina Aguilera (Dion)
Dolly Parton (Del Rey)
Gwen Stefani (Del Rey)
Selena Gomez (Del Rey)
Stevie Nicks (Dion)

Tribe Cher :
Azealia Banks (Dion)
Ciara (Dion) - Idol Holder
Janet Jackson (Del Rey)
Kelly Clarkson (Del Rey)
Kelly Rowland (Del Rey) - Idol Holder
Miranda Lambert (Dion) - Legacy Holder

20th - Demi Lovato (9-1)
19th - Yoko Ono (8-1)
18th - Miley Cyrus (4-2)
New Tribe Del Rey -
Del Rey Alliance 1 : Brandy & JLo

New Tribe Dion -
Del Rey Alliance 1  : Dolly & Gwen

Dion Alliance 2 : Barbra, XTina, Stevie

Tribe Cher -
Dion Alliance 1 : Azealia, Ciara, Miranda

Del Rey Alliance 2 : Kelly C., Kelly R.

TRIBE CHER WINS IMMUNITY! The other 2 tribals will go to a JOINT TRIBAL COUNCIL.

Tina, CF - This joint tribal council is... NERVE WRECKING. You have so little control and anything can change anything. It’s insane... I don’t know!


Kelly C. approaches Janet

Kelly C. - I just want to apologize genuinely for not being there for you when you needed me. I didn’t mean to upset you. That’s never my intention. I’m team love, it’s never my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Janet - I forgive you. But game wise, I can’t rely on you.

Kelly C. - I respect that. So much respect for you.

Kelly C., CF - I had to do damage control with Janet, but in general, it just feels trashy to upset people. I always get so anxious about what people think of me, I had to get forgiveness just to sleep at night. It’s not all game for me, if someone is personally upset with me, it’s personal.

-Azealia pulls Kelly C. aside-

Azealia - What was that about?

Kelly C. - Oh, nothing.

Azealia, CF - I notice a crack forming on their side and I’m like... yasss come over here American Idol Winner Kelly Clarkson. Come to AB.

Azealia, whispering - You dont need Janet Jackson. I think you seem like a VERY honest person. I’m a very honest person.

Kelly C., whispering - I need people that’ll be 100% honest with me, I can’t STAND liars.

Azealia - Sis, me NEITHER.

Kelly C., CF - Going in I’d NEVER expect to work with the most controversial rapper of all time, but.... honesty IS important to me... maybe I will be... *laughing* wow...


-Ciara and Kelly R. are chilling-

Ciara - If you feel as though you can’t trust Janet anymore... I feel like we can pull something off here.

Kelly R. - I don’t think tribal lines mean much. I much more vibe.

Ciara - Same, girl.

Ciara, CF - I don’t want to use my idol first tribal I go to... that’d SUCK. So, if I can manage the numbers to get majority... yes. Perfect. I just don’t know... where the numbers are... at all. So, we’ll see where this takes me.

-Tina approaches Diana-

Tina - What are you thinking?

Diana - I’m public enemy number one, I already got votes. I think it has to be Shakira.

Tina - Why would we target our own team, that’s stupid?

Diana - Who are you targeting then?

Tina - I do think JLo is targeting me-

Diana - She’s on our team.

Tina - Exactly what I was going to say - I don’t think we should target our own people.

*Brandy & JLo are in the shelter, talking*

Brandy whispers - Tina is weaker than Diana for sure if you think that’s the right move? Like, Tina won’t help out in challenges, and yet still is weakening Diana.

JLo - Yeah, that does makes sense.

*Shakira is on the beach, looking at the water*

Shakira, CF - Although I was in the minority, I have been observing things such as the totem poll. Not only is my stance on this tribe... not THE WORST, this tribal is a joint tribal. If I just underplay this round, I think I’m safe.


-Stevie, in the woods, finds the Hidden Immunity idol-

Stevie, CF - After getting a clue, I’ve been causally looking for this for the past few days and it FINALLY paid off! I’m the most alternative edgy chick here, and the fact I’m so much older definitely puts me at a social disadvantage, but... look at this! I found an idol! I’m twice some of these women’s ages and I beat them to the idol.


-Gwen and Selena are alone together. Selena looks towards the woods and leans in to Gwen-

Selena, whispering - I think Stevie is looking for the idol.

Gwen, whispering - I know you all are sort of... not clicking. But I don’t think we should be targeting each other this round. We don’t know what the other tribe is doing. If we don’t stay unified it could shoot us in the foot. We have majority.

*Selena rolls her eyes*

Selena, CF - If Gwen was on the same tribe as Miranda, I’m pretty sure this would be a different story.

*Stevie gets back to camp, and Selena gets up and walks away*

Stevie, CF - Selena has been very passive aggressive for me for what feels like days... it might be time to end that.

-Stevie walks over to where Selena went-

Stevie - What’s up?

Selena - Where’d you put your bag? Shouldn’t you not be leaving your idol unattended?

Stevie - What did I do to you?

Selena - Leave me alone. *walks past her, and walks away from her*

Selena, CF - I dont like Stevie, I don’t get Stevie. She hasn’t talked to me at all, and she expects me to just explain myself to her? No!

Stevie follows Selena - Why can’t you just talk to me?

Selena - You never tried with me! Why should I with you?

Christina gets up and walks over - Ladies, calm down. We’re supposed to be a team, and if we work together we can control this tribal council. My personal pick is Shakira. She is strong and has a killer social game.

*Barbra and Stevie nod in agreement*

*Selena bitterly nods along*

Dolly, CF - I don’t necessarily see this as a good move... considering I think Christina just made a pretty good case for herself with her little dictatorship attempt.

*Dolly and Gwen have a chat in the woods before tribal*

Dolly - Christina seems just so manipulative!

Gwen groans - Sis, I don’t want to vote from a member of our team. It’s a bad idea. We have the numbers now.

Dolly - What about Tina then?

Gwen, CF - KEEP. IT. SIMPLE. DOLLY. *rolls eyes* Most important tribal ever and she’s trying to pull so many moves off... Dolly could be shooting my game in the foot alongside hers.

Cher - First vote... Tina.

Second vote... Shakira.

Third vote... XTina.

Fourth vote... XTina.

Fifth vote... Tina

Sixth vote... Shakira

Seventh vote... XTina

2 votes Tina. 2 votes Shakira. 3 votes XTina.

Eighth vote... Tina.

Ninth vote... Shakira.

Tenth vote... Tina.

Eleventh and final vote goes to... Shakira.

The final vote count is 4 votes Shakira. 4 votes Tina. 3 votes Christina.

Brandy, Diana, Jennifer, Barbra, Christina, Dolly, Gwen, Selena, Stevie. You all will be drawing rocks....

Barbra, the tribe has spoken.

Barbra - Holy... **************....

*Everyone is in SHOCK*

Cher - Yep, That just happened! Go back to camp.

Brandy - Tina
Diana - Shakira
JLo - Tina
Shakira - Christina
Tina - Christina
Barbra - Shakira
Christina - Shakira
Dolly - Tina
Gwen - Tina
Selena - Christina
Stevie - Shakira


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Barbra, Leaving Words - I have no words... this was unfair and wrong. I hated my experience and hope this shows ratings PLUMMET. I have an OSCAR. This was the worst experience in my life.


this is rigged!!
Sent by SharonMaItems,Feb 10, 2019
I vote out Selena Gomez please and thanks
Sent by D882,Feb 10, 2019

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