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Survivor : Diva Island Episode 3

Feb 10, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Tribe Del Rey :
Brandy Norwood
Dolly Parton
Gwen Stefani
Janet Jackson
Jennifer Lopez
Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Rowland - Idol Holder
Selena Gomez

Team Dion :
Azealia Banks
Barbra Streisand
Christina Aguilera
Diana Ross
Miley Cyrus
Miranda Lambert - Legacy Advantage
Stevie Nicks
Tina Turner

20th - Demi Lovato (9-1)
19th - Yoko Ono (8-1)


New Tribe Del Rey :
Brandy Norwood (Del Rey)
Diana Ross (Dion)
Jennifer Lopez (Del Rey)
Miley Cyrus (Dion)
Shakira (Dion)
Tina Turner (Dion)

New Tribe Dion :
Barbra Streisand (Dion)
Christina Aguilera (Dion)
Dolly Parton (Del Rey)
Gwen Stefani (Del Rey)
Selena Gomez (Del Rey)
Stevie Nicks (Dion)

Tribe Cher :
Azealia Banks (Dion)
Ciara (Dion)
Janet Jackson (Del Rey)
Kelly Clarkson (Del Rey)
Kelly Rowland (Del Rey) - Idol Holder
Miranda Lambert (Dion) - Legacy Holder

New Tribe Del Rey -
Del Rey Alliance 1 : Brandy & JLo

New Tribe Dion -
Del Rey Alliance 1  : Dolly & Gwen

Dion Alliance 2 : Barbra, XTina, Stevie

Tribe Cher -
Dion Alliance 1 : Azealia, Ciara, Miranda

Del Rey Alliance 2 : Janet, Kelly C., Kelly R.

Ciara finds the Hidden Immunity Idol within minutes of getting acquainted to her new camp.

Ciara - Holy s**t.

Ciara, CF - I literally just got here and found this... WOW. Just... WOWWWWWW... I don’t know. It’s an even 50/50 split for tribal lines, but that only means so much, so... this was PERFECT. I came to win, so... these Del Reyers best watch their backs, cuz... imma level up on them. Yes, I did just self-plug.



-XTina lies in the shelter-

Barbra walks over to her - That’s my spot.

Christina - ****ing just lie next to me.

Barbra - I’ve been laying there since day 1...

Christina - Well, ****ing Gwen lied down in my spot.. it’s not like we have ****ing arranged seating.

Barbra - Don’t cuss at me, first of all, second of all - don’t cuss at me while lying in my f***ing spot.

Barbra, CF - I’ve been laying in that spot in the shelter since day one. Christina knew that. She is petty and is personally victimizing me for no reason.


-Gwen starts crying-

Selena - Sweetie, it’s okay, it’s not your fault.

Gwen, crying - I didn’t mean to start trouble.

Gwen, CF - I am all about love and light and putting out positive vibes into the universe, the fact that I’m causing this tiff breaks me.

Selena - It’s okay, you didn’t mean anything by it. *Selena hugs Gwen*

*Gwen gets up and walks over to Barbra and Christina*

Gwen - Take your spot back, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cause trouble.

Christina - No, Gwen. Barbra is being a big baby, I’m staying here.

Gwen, to Barbra - Do you want my spot?

Barbra - F**k off. *walks to the ocean*

Barbra, CF - These women are catty. I’m not letting them get to me. It’s Zen time.

*Barbra starts meditating by the water*

Christina, CF - Barbra Streisand is the DEFINITION of a diva. She had a meltdown because she couldn’t lay down in the same spot of the shelter? Is she 5? I just wanted sleep and she totally ruined Gwen Stefani’s night. Gwen is a nice woman, who did NOT deserve that. Barbra’s just a bitch. Period.

-Janet and Kelly R. instantly start whispering in the shelter, as Miranda is getting water near the well, nearby the shelter-

Janet - What do you think of this new tribe?

Kelly R. - It’s cute... 50/50 tribe split.

Kelly R., CF - Our new tribe is... alright. Janet is my homegirl and then there’s Clarkson on our tribe as well... it’s 50/50, but I feel good with my numbers I have.. doesn’t hurt I have an idol.

Kelly R. - Who do you think is at the bottom on the other side? We need them to flip or with the twist, one of us could get rocked out without even a Revote.

Janet - Miranda.. for SURE.

Miranda walks over to the shelter - What about Miranda?

Janet - Nothing.

Miranda - You just said my name, and I want to know what you’re talking about me for, Janet.

Kelly R., CF - Miranda heard us talking strategy... which is... bad. For sure. Not good.

Janet - It’s not your business of what goes on in our private conversations... ‘Kay?

Miranda - It is my business when you bring my name up, JANET.

Janet - Sweetie, don’t even talk to me. Eat a ****ing snickers.

Miranda, CF - Of course I’m gonna be mad when you bring my name up. Especially if you are too scared to tell me what’s up. Janet will have a good time with Gwen on the pre-jury tour, because she’s got me to deal with now. You don’t want to be on my bad side because I will come at you with Gunpowder & Lead.

Kelly R. - Miranda, calm down.

Miranda - F**k off, Kelly Rowland.

*Kelly R.’s jaw drops, she gets up and walks away*

Kelly R., CF - No one talks to me like that, but getting confrontational is NOT good gameplay, so I just walked away.

Janet - Miranda, you’re a toxic person. Gwen says so, Blake thought so, EVERYONE you’re near thinks you’re DISGUSTING. Because you are. You heard your name from me ONCE and started going off. Do you realize how petty and ridiculous that ****ing is? *gets up* You’re done, go to bed. *walks away*


Janet, CF - I have a problem with Rowland and Clarkson now. They didn’t have my back AT ALL when Miranda went off on me.

-Janet, Kelly C. & Kelly R. Are talking-

Janet, whispering - Rowland, you just sat there WATCHING her go after me.

Kelly R. - That’s unfair-

Janet - No, you said 2 sentences and walked away the minute she addressed you. Do you KNOW what an alliance is? We’re supposed to watch after each other. And Clarkson, you were MIA.

Kelly C. - I’m-

Janet - I’m done with you girls. *walks away*

*Kelly C.’s jaw drops*

Kelly C., CF - Janet literally left the alliance, and I’m... left stunned. I don’t know what to do now. We’re definitely worse off now than we were before.


-Miley sobs in her shelter-

Miley, CF, Sobbing - It’s my first tribal.... I miss Liam, I miss everything... I was struggling before but now I just don’t know if I can take it.

Diana, CF - Miley is basically just a train wreck... she doesn’t have her emotions in check... how does she help the team then?

Diana goes up to Brandy, Shakira & Tina, and points at Miley - Why don’t we just take her out?

Brandy - It’d make sense..

Brandy, CF - Miley is kind of... she’s kind of just emotional and crying about wanting to go home, so... isn’t that an easy vote?

*Diana and Tina walk away, and Shakira pulls Brandy aside*

Shakira - Why don’t we take Diana out? She’s always been shady and distant from day 1... I should know. If she thinks it’s an easy vote... we can change the game!

Brandy, CF - Then Shakira overcomplicates it. I think there’s a right choice to make, Shakira, why do you want to play games with it?

Shakira, CF - Miley is moy emotional and messy, but I was nice to her. I think she will vote with me. I think I got a bond with her, and... we can take out a snakey player... Diana Ross. A person I’ve wanted out for a while.

*Brandy walks over to Jlo*

Brandy, whispering - I think we’re the swings this vote.. it’s between Miley or Diana.

JLo, whispering - Diana is a bigger threat, isn’t she?

Brandy, whispering - But, let’s be real... Miley won’t help us as a unit. Like Diana will try. Miley clearly isn’t in the game, but she also isn’t making our lives easier.

JLo, CF - Brandy tells us we have power this tribal... and it’s between a big threat, Diana, who is cunning and strong.. but is HELPING around camp. And the emotional mess Miley Cyrus, who is basically on the verge of quitting...


-Shakira comforts Miley-

Miley, CF - I don’t want to leave the game... *cries* but if I did, maybe it’d be for the best. I genuinely didn’t think this decision through.

Cher - First vote... Diana.

Second vote... Miley.

Third vote.. Diana.

*Diana’s jaw drops*

Cher - Fourth vote... Miley. That is 2 votes Diana. 2 votes Miley.

*Shakira smiles*

Cher - Fifth vote.... Miley.

*Shakira’s jaw drops*

Cher - Final vote and player Leaving... Miley.

Shakira - Oh, my god... Miley...

Miley - It’s okay. It’s time.

Cher - Miley, The Tribe has spoken.

*Shakira is #blindsided*

Cher - Clearly. Not all of you expected that, so... maybe that will change the tribe dynamics. Okay, just go, bye.

18th - Miley Cyrus (4-2)

Votes :
Brandy - Miley
Diana - Miley
JLo - Miley
Miley - Diana
Shakira - Diana
Tina - Miley


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Miley Cyrus, Leaving Words - Mentally speaking this is probably for the best, but... it’s never fun to lose. I wish Shakira the best, she’s probably next though, so... i guess we’ll have fun together on pre jury!

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