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Can we have a female Total Drama winner

Dec 3, 2013 by Joeker
For the non-alternative ending for once? Is it really that hard, writers? -.-



Joecepia has spoken. :D

Ikr I wish Zoey won.
Sent by PeaceOut14,Dec 3, 2013
idl anybody in the f3... so idc.
Sent by mocallio,Dec 3, 2013
Well in the US Heather won and the majority of us are from the US soooooooooooo
Sent by awesome2210,Dec 3, 2013
I know Heather won in the USA TDWT version, but apparently the Canadian endings are the "official endings" though and all of the winners from Canada are male. All I'm hoping for is a Zoey wins alternative ends because its so much more appropriate for this season.
Sent by Joeker,Dec 3, 2013

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