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Just thought I'd make a blog

Aug 21, 2013 by Joeker
To commemorate my 2nd whole year on Tengaged. #GoMe


Sent by SurvivorFan37,Aug 21, 2013
Yay Joe! :D
Sent by PeaceOut14,Aug 21, 2013
aw < 3
Sent by KidA,Aug 21, 2013
grats :)
Sent by bowling4fun,Aug 21, 2013
Haha yay  :D
Sent by DylanBTBT,Aug 21, 2013
Sent by XJamzX,Aug 22, 2013
Sent by Joeker,Aug 22, 2013
Good effort!
Sent by themissinglink,Aug 22, 2013
Sent by Alyxandra,Aug 22, 2013
little late on this, but grats! :P
Sent by Survivor233,Oct 3, 2013

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