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My Boyfriend Enjoyed This Season of Survivor

Dec 23, 2017 by JetsRock12
So he agreed to watch a couple more seasons and then he said he's gonna rank the winners....

Seasons I think I might have him watch (In this order too):
1. Samoa
2. China
3. Cook Islands
4. Fans vs Favorites
5. Millennials vs Gen X
6. San Juan Del Sur
7. Heroes vs Villains
8. Cagayan 
9. Fans vs Favorites 2
10. Blood vs Water
11. Second Chances
12. Game Changers

What do you all think? Are there any other important seasons?


You better know the Natalies, Sandra, and Parvati are gonna be at the top of the list otherwise it's lights out
Sent by snowflake3,Dec 23, 2017
even though returnee seasons are pretty good. It would ruin alot of the other seasons if he gains more interest...

I would just recommend staying away from those for now
Sent by NewNightmare7,Dec 23, 2017

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