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Jacubra’s Music of the Month - December 2019/January 2020

Dec 17, 2019 by Jacubra
Hey Tengaged!

I’m really into music, so I figured why not start a new monthly series where I showcase the best songs I’ve been fucking with in recent weeks. Let me know what you think of the songs and please give me some of your recommendations below, and I’ll check them out. If you like what I’m doing here give the blog a plus and let me know down below if you’d like to subscribe for future Music of the Month posts so I can tag you when they are released.

This month I was inspired by my recent love affair with the UK-based electronic music label PC Music to showcase some songs inspired by and associated with the outfit. The label, known for pioneering the genre “bubblegum bass,” is typified by taking the maximalist production of 2000s era pop music and cranking it up to 1000 to send the genre 1000 years into the future. My first song this month, by member of the label GFOTY (Girlfriend of the Year) embodies that mentality perfectly. Take a listen:

Next, we have the PC Music affiliate and trans goddess herself SOPHIE on Ponyboy. Released in 2018 from her critically acclaimed album, Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides, this BDSM inspired track is oozing with sensuous female vocals that, with the deeply distorted vocals in the verses, embody the two halves of the ultimate electronic power top/bottom. This is a filthily kinky industrial banger for the queer ages. Take a listen:

Coming up next is another banger by duo 100 gecs, made up of producers Dylan Brady and Laura Les. Money Machine is what happens if 3OH!3 were actually badass time-traveling chipmunks sent here to the present to destroy all the little piss babies and their tiny trucks. It’s fun as hell and one that never fails to pump me the fuck up. Give it a listen:

On the other hand, PC Music can also just make fucking amazing, perfect pop music, which is what they did on Caroline Polachek’s most recent album, Pang, no better showcased than on her song So Hot Your Hurting My Feelings. Not only is the music video an instant classic—Polachek plays a lovelorn Persephone with nothing to do but dance like a country princess trapped in hell—but it’s also the perfect love song for that feeling when you receive that Snapchat from your lover that’s 1000 miles away. Listen:

Finally, some honorable mentions:

Vroom Vroom - Charli XCX:

DE AQUÍ NO SALES (Cap.4: Disputa) - ROSALÍA:

Spring - Flume & Eprom:

Nights With You - MØ:

Keep on Going! Don’t Stop! feat. Lil West - Ravenna Golden:

Flamingo - Kero Kero Bonito:

That concludes the first ever edition of Jacubra’s Music of the Month! Thanks for checking it out and let me know what you think down below!

tl;dr:  I fuck with these songs, whatcha think? Please give me some recommendations in return.


you should join Tengaged Song Contest in the new year
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ianfitz0012 oh awesome! what’s that? How do I join?
Sent by Jacubra,Dec 17, 2019
everyone submits a non-charting song that meets requirements each week and we give points to the songs we like best
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