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Ecstatic to be Joining the Site!

Dec 6, 2019 by Jacubra
It's a pleasure to be on here and have the chance to meet everyone. I'm looking forward to getting to know y'all.

I love Survivor, although I haven't seen recent seasons it was a passion for me growing up. I enjoy BBUS, BBUK, and BBAUS as well!

I'm currently an undergraduate in NYC.

If you want to chat, just reply here or friend me so we can talk!

And have a wonderful December!


Sent by reyians,Dec 6, 2019
I hope you enjoy despite of some... things going on here and the long waiting of games 馃槀
Sent by Yeonjun,Dec 6, 2019

Thank you!
Sent by Jacubra,Dec 6, 2019

If I can ask, is there anything I should really know about things/the site?

Have any advice generally?

Also thanks for commenting
Sent by Jacubra,Dec 6, 2019

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