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I miss KB toys Mar 12, 2018
Thats where I went 16 years ago
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Paras and Alejandra are hottest Mar 11, 2018
Hope they make f2 I don't watch the show tho
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HQ 25 k prize for 1 person tonight Mar 11, 2018
I'm going to win even tho I can't ever get past Q7 gl everyone else
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Is being a sociopath hard? Mar 11, 2018
Because I feel like it is something people are born with.
Infiltrate a group, manipulate them, etc. etc. kill a baby bunny etc.
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RANDOMIZE. . . Mar 11, 2018
You're... ugly... Like you're actually hideous...! you should fucking exterminate yourself before your DNA spreads, holy shit. I can't believe you actually dress to impress, because you aint dressing, and you aint impressing
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Took an afternoon nap Mar 11, 2018
Just woke up and now it is sunday and I set the clock forward. Oops!
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