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  1. I miss KB toys
  2. Paras and Alejandra are hottest
  3. HQ 25 k prize for 1 person tonight
  4. Is being a sociopath hard?
  5. RANDOMIZE. . .
  6. Took an afternoon nap
  7. Town of Salem
  8. Imagine if the kid won Circle
  9. Does Danger keep meth in his ass?
  10. Paul was only right 1 time
  11. Still a bop still a legend
  12. out at q7 again lol
  13. Gift me that durag
  14. how far along is rosemulet's vagina?
  15. post an osama wig
  16. TaraG or bigmamat half cheek pic
  17. Who do I root for in t drag race?
  18. Ellebellx
  19. James Chelsea Laurel Angela
  20. Newsflash High Schoolers
  21. I have sex to this sick beat
  22. Cody applied for Survivor
  23. I don't think I've been a first boot in any games
  24. blog page so messy tonite
  25. Isn't elise the one with the ass pic
  26. After a long hard day
  27. Twila, Kass, Trish, Scout, Lil, Chrissy
  28. Sierra jealous of Hali?
  29. I didn't like the popular alliance from gen x vs...
  30. Got out on Q3 of HQ
  31. If we can accept dinah st. jefferson and his..
  32. Libby murdered her lolol
  33. Laurel sitting pretty as Chelsea is
  34. Nobody thinks about Domenik
  35. lol what if chris fell in a fire and died
  36. maybe chelsea will get naked in this challenge
  37. *camera man plops idol on a tree root*
  38. Chelsea is the last to speak I feel like
  39. Wut is thiccc
  40. Wuts worse

I didn't like the popular alliance from gen x vs. millennials

Mar 7, 2018 by Ivy_Levan
but Michelle Schubert as a stand alone player is amazing I want her back.


I didn’t like MvGX in general but Michelle Schubert is top 20 ever
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Mar 7, 2018
yup she is bring her back Kaseyhope101
Sent by Ivy_Levan,Mar 7, 2018

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