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  1. No title
  2. I am starting my 300th Rookies
  3. No title
  4. Consider this my 2 weeks notice
  5. Me when there's at least 9 people in the cast
  6. So many people blogging about thinking about..
  7. HOW do you some of you people stand Frookies?
  8. I haven't watched it since 2011
  9. No no no no
  10. Okay, I thought Zoo was a challenge
  11. Can Tengaged do me as well as a friend of mine a..
  12. LMAO
  13. I don't know if what I'm wearing is good or not
  14. This Stars takes me back to The Olivia Movement
  15. When you get a red nose as you're nommed for..
  16. Imagine
  17. After reading through the past few hours of blogs
  18. Or you could just
  19. So I'm trying to think
  20. Stars Support
  21. Quick question
  22. Sometimes,
  23. Y'all who bet on the normal game
  24. Imagine
  25. When Mufasa
  26. You forgot a streak to add to Streak Sadness
  27. I know nobody asked
  28. Wait a minute
  29. When you get into a discussion about Eurovision
  30. So
  31. If you're tied in Immunity
  32. Less than 10 games
  33. Oh nice!
  34. I can't be the only one
  35. Oh BOY!
  36. Best to Worst
  37. Guess the challenge
  38. How
  40. When

Just came and saw these

Dec 9, 2018 by Icarus_Mark

TaurusMoon  I may not be in Slut Lake anymore, but listen up you fucking homophobic ACCIDENT because I ain't in the mood to fuck around!  Don't ever, EVER come for heatherlum again!  She is a much better person than will ever to hope to be, but what do I know?  Personality-wise, you barely qualify as a PERSON!  Your username is a fucking disgrace to anyone who is a Taurus and YOU'RE supposed to be the one who people listen to Top 100 lists of Best Tengagers of the Year from?  Give me a FUCKING break!

Oh, and while you're at it, you can leave Shadowman alone as well!  Ella is far fucking nicer than you can ever hope to be and I wish nothing but the best for them both!

Now, if there's anything else you'd like to say, please keep it in whatever moon a "Taurus Moon" is, because it's not welcome here!


Remember when I used to be cyber-bullied in castings like a year ago? cuz I do
Sent by Etienne,Dec 9, 2018
Yeah Etienne, I remember that!  I also remember rooting for you to make it past all odds  :P
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 9, 2018
Icarus_Mark Thanks! And also congrats for breaking Vitamin's casting record!
Sent by Etienne,Dec 9, 2018
You’re homophobic but attacking other people for it hmm
Sent by tonyalbright,Dec 11, 2018

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