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Nothing can go right anymore

Sep 14, 2018 by Icarus_Mark
I'd seen both blogs from sjsoccer88 and damo1990, and then think to what happened in Survivor tonight.  I should be sleeping, and yet, I am still wide awake, and I doubt I will get to sleep at all tonight.  But I guess it was due to happen at some point.  At some point, as a tribe, we were doomed to fail.  I had known for several merges now, but tonight made the picture clearer than ever.  #TrollSun is about to come to an end.

Damo, I said it to you in mails, and I'll say it again.  I am sorry I did not tell you what the vote was this time.  I had much going on on my plate as it was that I never thought to check back and see what was going on with the vote.  But astone929 and I were just as blindsided by this vote as you were as was Soccer, and I can guarantee you that the only reason astone and I rampaged onto your mailbox was because we were looking for answers.  It wasn't until after the fact that I had learned that you had nothing to do with the vote.

As for Soccer, you really didn't deserve to go the way you had.  Back when you first voiced to me that you did not feel welcome on the tribe, I took that as a message to make an effort to make you feel like you were.  Actually, when I joined Hunger with you that you ended up winning, I did it partly to try and build up our trust for each other.  I'm glad we had the time we did to get to know each other.

If this all makes me a bad person, so be it.  But in no way, shape, or form would I ever regret my time on the tribe, and when the time comes for me to look back on it, I only hope I can look back at all of the good memories we shared.  Through it all, I am glad to have become a part of something special.


Sent by Blitszims,Sep 14, 2018
You’re great man! I hope to see y’all continue rocking it (without Tara)
Sent by sjsoccer88,Sep 14, 2018

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