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  1. Okay, let's just get something straight over
  2. So what's with the whole Captcha business?
  4. I am LIVID
  5. Instead of filtering
  6. 13 Facts About Myself
  7. Well, one good thing came out of these "I'm..
  8. Imagine having this much time on your hands
  9. No title
  10. I take this as a compliment
  11. Wait a minute...
  12. PYN
  13. How did I never notice
  14. You know, as far as candy goes
  15. Wait a minute...
  16. All in good fun! ^_^
  17. OMG Did not expect this!
  18. You know your T$ suck
  20. Um no
  21. Where did this song rank in your Avril rankings..
  22. Happy Birthday to a dear friend of mine!
  24. lol I fail as a friend
  25. Me when I have nothing better to do
  26. So wait, what happened now?
  27. This is Fergie trying to make a comeback
  28. You know, for the month of February
  29. In the next 24 hours
  30. I'm High.
  31. I don't know why but
  32. Changing the subject
  33. Well you learn something new every day
  34. That Poyo video
  35. Happy Birthday!
  36. Stars Support for 14-person Stars
  37. I just changed my password
  38. Greaaaaaaat
  39. I'll try it out
  40. Tonight sucks

lol I fail as a friend

Feb 23, 2018 by Icarus_Mark
First, I plan to join a charity for JackEdgeAKATheEdge, even going as far as to turn down Katherinee_ on HER charity SOLELY so that I could help his.  Then Jack has his birthday (still no charity), and THEN 2 days later while I'm logged out for a day, Jack finally throws his charity and now it looks like it's going to be ruined.


I really really suck.


Is it gonna get ruined? Who's trying to ruin it? HELP!
Sent by Loopspeare,Feb 23, 2018
But he never let us know the exact date. He has really hurt my feelings.
Sent by obey_me,Feb 23, 2018
mahogany  loopspeare who else?
Sent by obey_me,Feb 23, 2018
I'm sorry obey_me. I myself never knew the exact date
Sent by JackEdgeAKAtheEdge,Feb 23, 2018
LMAO bad timing
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 23, 2018
Me @ the floppery.  JK! Dont worry about it. This week has become literally the worst week of my life. For a few days I was so unstable that I couldn't log in and do shit for the charity and I gave mywhens to Ari_ who managed the things while I was gone
Sent by Katherinee_,Feb 24, 2018

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