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  1. Are you seriously one to talk?
  2. I feel like such a fucking idiot once again
  3. Jesus
  4. Wait a minute
  5. Okay, I'm done haha
  6. Just counted
  7. I think I've learned something awful about myself..
  8. Vote hurr
  9. If you seriously join a game to take someone out
  10. Facts about my avi
  11. I could kinda use a haircut anywho
  12. Enjoy being banned
  13. lol Irn Bru?
  14. I really fucking HATE people sometimes!
  15. Tea
  16. I can't believe I'm saying this, but
  17. Why did I just think
  18. First time in like 4 years playing more than 1..
  19. LMAO What a stalking loser
  20. Wow! Just one more example of how fucked up our..
  21. Now we're using autism as an insult...
  22. EXCUSE ME!?
  23. Did I miss something?
  24. This new avi is me
  25. I might not live in Florida anymore
  26. That was literally
  27. I'll never tire of
  28. Phew
  29. Who else tried the Horchata Almondmilk?
  30. Honestly
  31. Good night
  32. Took 201 games
  33. Fade by Kanye West
  34. I just read that comment
  35. Just saw it on my mentions
  36. I am spent
  37. Anyone wanna donate?
  38. Umm
  39. Me when
  40. Is this a good workout?

Spreading the wealth

Jan 2, 2017 by Icarus_Mark

Basically everyone else who is trending

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