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馃捒 Album Ranking #1: 馃捒

May 26, 2023 by Hisoka
Gag Order - Kesha

1. Only Love Can Save Us Now
2. Hate Me Harder
3. Peace & Quiet
4. The Drama
5. Happy
6. Fine Line
7. Living In My Head
8. Too Far Gone
9. All I Need Is You
10. Eat The Acid
11. Something To Believe In

Only Love Reprise
Ram Dass Interlude

I鈥檇 say overall the album isn鈥檛 really the it girl, I did enjoy the top 5 songs but only the top 3 stood out.


oh I really liked the whole album!!
Sent by Jogon,May 26, 2023
Eat The Acid is my #1 ngl
Sent by Hunty,May 27, 2023

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