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If anyone is interested Mar 24, 2024
In playing a super fun Big Brother Org series hosted by my friend then join this discord

It’s so fun and very well hosted, read up on the information in the server to get a feel if this is for you
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Makes a f2 Mar 20, 2024
With out even trying LMAO like woah i still got it i guess
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New Music Game Server Feb 4, 2024
I’m hosting a music taste game like no other with players from all over different gaming communities on the internet. If you’re interested come play


Welcome to Zests Media Mix (ZMM), the dynamic online competition that celebrates your love for film and music! Our platform alternates between movie taste games and music taste games, each season bringing a fresh new format to keep you on your toes. As our current movie game season reaches its grand finale, we're already on the lookout for enthusiasts ready to dive into either realm. Whether you’re a cinephile or a melody maestro, ZMM is the place for you. With each season, you stand a chance to win not just accolades but also cash prizes! So, if you're eager to put your taste to the test and enjoy the thrill of victory, join us at ZMM, where every season is a new adventure in entertainment.

Season 2 is now open and we are looking for applicants, It is a **MUSIC TASTE SEASON WITH A TWIST** see the information below.

The Intro:

Hey music lovers and thrill-seekers alike! Gear up for an electrifying second season of Zests Media Mix (ZMM), where this time, we're cranking up the volume on your music taste. I'm beyond excited to invite you on this auditory adventure, where each song submission is a peek into your soul's playlist. We're scouting for 18 contestants with eclectic, bold, or even quirky musical preferences ready to battle it out for the ultimate accolade. Get ready to share the tunes that define you, move you, or simply make your world spin a little faster. I have a versatile taste although I do have one major request from you all that will be applying PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT I CANNOT STAND MAINSTREAM MUSICwhat that means is I can listen to any and all types of genres as long as its not garbage fed to us on the daily from radio shows, to advertisements and the worst.....tiktok.  You are ALLOWED to submit any song  from any artists, but if its going to be a popular mainstream artists, TRY your best to submit a more unknown song of theirs or you probably will get tanked,  I do not for the love of god want to hear "Taki Taki" or "Dangerous Woman" famous type of get the gist here.
Format & Twist:

This season, we're diving deep into your music taste. Each contestant will choose a song that truly resonates with them for every round of our competition. Here's where it gets interesting: you'll submit these songs anonymously to my co-host, Jackson, keeping who chose what a secret from me until after I've done my reviews. I'll listen to every track with fresh ears, ranking them from my most favorite to my least based on how much they moved me.

But there's a twist that adds a whole new layer of strategy – the danger line. After I've ranked the songs, we'll draw a random line. If your song lands below this line, you're in the danger zone for elimination. The intrigue doesn't stop there; the contestant whose song hits the top spot each round not only secures their safety but also gains the power to decide which of the at-risk contestants will face off in an elimination challenge against the one with the least favored track. This means every choice, every song, could dramatically alter your fate in the game. Ready to play?
The Prize:

What's a competition without a tantalizing prize? This season, we're doubling down, offering $40 to the last contestant standing – that's twice the bounty from season 1! It's not just about the cash; it's about claiming the crown in what promises to be the most intense test of musical taste ZMM has ever seen.

So, if you're ready to put your playlist to the test and think you have what it takes to outlast the rest, we want you. Let's make this season of ZMM unforgettable, discovering new beats and celebrating our love for music, one track at a time. Are you in?
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Fragment Foot Bitch Jan 29, 2024
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💿 Album Ranking #1: 💿 May 26, 2023
Gag Order - Kesha

1. Only Love Can Save Us Now
2. Hate Me Harder
3. Peace & Quiet
4. The Drama
5. Happy
6. Fine Line
7. Living In My Head
8. Too Far Gone
9. All I Need Is You
10. Eat The Acid
11. Something To Believe In

Only Love Reprise
Ram Dass Interlude

I’d say overall the album isn’t really the it girl, I did enjoy the top 5 songs but only the top 3 stood out.
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