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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

This is funny for me

Mar 25, 2024 by Harehere
Whenever i saw frooks on Game pages on day 11 i ussually enter to see who Made f2. And what is funny its ussually same People most of time who holding jury. There’s one question WHY?


It's always the same people - I don't get holding even if you don't want them to play the next game like grow up
Sent by Jaxxon,Mar 25, 2024
Sent by AliBonico,Mar 25, 2024
Never been a holder never wanna be a holder but
You hold juries or used to so there’s one question. Why?
Sent by Smoothiez,Mar 25, 2024
Smoothiez you hold me plenty
Sent by Runaways,Mar 25, 2024

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