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Which Dark Age of Survivor was the worst?

Jun 11, 2019 by Hannah_Parks
Dark Age basically means a majority of bad seasons back to back that really bring the series down as a whole.
Samoa>Nicaragua>Redemption Island>South Pacific>One World>Caramoan>Blood vs Water
Game Changers > Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers > Ghost Island > Edge of Extinction



I don't think BvW is included in the dark age most liked it despite trashing the idea preseason because of redumpshit island but it played out well.
Sent by Timster,Jun 11, 2019
There wasn’t a single veteran I liked that went far

Tyson-Gervase-Monica-Colten-Kat-Candice-Laura M-Aras-Tina-Rupert were horrible cast choices

Marissa-Hayden-John  and Brad were the only fun ones to watch on the other tribe and three of them went out early and the other one was shafted by an edit
Sent by Hannah_Parks,Jun 11, 2019
mmm, NOTHING will be as bad as Samoa>Nicaragua>Redemption Island>South Pacific>One World>Caramoan>Blood vs Water

Sent by paul028,Jun 11, 2019
I think the dark age for me is Nicaragua-One World. I like samoa and philippines upwards isnt bad either...imo of course
Sent by NewNightmare7,Jun 11, 2019
I liked Monica, Kat, Candice, Laura M, Aras, Tina, and Rupert :(
Sent by NicoleF,Jun 11, 2019
21-24 next
Sent by lionsden121,Jun 12, 2019
Honestly the newer seasons are BAD
Sent by JetsRock12,Jun 12, 2019
Honestly I like the newer seasons a lot
Sent by Tester,Jun 12, 2019
wouldn't include samoa/bvw but the era of 21-24 was p bad

gc, hvhvh, and eoe were just mediocre to decent; gi was the only truly shitty one
Sent by survivornerd,Jun 12, 2019
Redemption Island - Caramoan is THE Dark Age of Survivor (yes I love Nicaragua so it is NOT a dark age season).

Game Changers - EoE is much more tolerable because at the very least we aren't getting utterly poring pagongings and instead have to deal with a surge of advantages and gameplay that makes not sense
Sent by purplebb4,Jun 14, 2019

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