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4 Reasons Rachel Won 'Big Brother 13' That Have Nothing to Do with Her Game play

Oct 26, 2011 by HRHjonathan
Brendon Saves Rachel

In week 4 Daniele nominated Brendon and Rachel and Brendon won the Power of Veto. she would've been evicted.

The Twist Paranoia

After Brendon was evicted the first time, Rachel was nominated and seemed to be the target. But then, thanks to the arrival of a mysterious twist that would let the evicted HG have a chance to come back, Kalia screwed up big-time and nominated Lawon, Lawon offered to go up and Shelly was going back-and-forth to manipulate Kalia and save Rachel, so basically, everyone EXCEPT Rachel was responsible for Rachel not being evicted in week 5. If it weren't for the twist or  Rachel would've been gone.

Having Jeff and Jordan as Shields

Rachel was nominated with Jeff during the double eviction and with Jordan during the final 4, and both times she survived. If Rachel was really the "biggest target" she claimed to be, why were Jeff and Jordan evicted before her

Porsche's Pandora's Box

If it weren't for Porsche opening Pandora's Box and bringing back the duo twist, things would've been different. Yes, Rachel still would've won the Power of Veto, but Jordan would've stayed on the block and Porsche most likely would've nominated Adam. Regardless of who went, it would've been one of Rachel's allies, and while she still would've won the next HoH, any scenario I have in my head leaves Rachel evicted fourth. Keeping Jordan safe kept an extra person for Rachel to count on in a vote and an extra shield for her to hide behind.

She may have fought hard and won more competitions than anyone else in Big Brother 13, but Rachel Reilly did not fight an uphill battle. In fact, with all of the help the twists provided, it was pretty smooth sailing to the finale. You just couldn't tell because she cried so much that it felt harder than it really was.


+9 thank you
Sent by splozojames50,Oct 26, 2011
The reason why They kept Rachel is because everyone assumes they hate her.
Sent by IsabellaBabe,Oct 26, 2011
I think it was because the Newbies were dumbasses
Adam and Shelly had no power
Kalia was a dumbass HoH
Daniele went after Brendon instead
Sent by Cmack311,Oct 26, 2011
Sent by Wessex,Oct 26, 2011
You're 100% correct.
Sent by Caity_x0x,Oct 26, 2011
If Rachel didnt have allies like Jeff and Jordan, she would have been evicted but she also won 4 HoHs and Earnt her way to Final 2 and obviously the Jury voted her to win but obviously Danielle, Kalia and Adam wanted the floater porsche to win because it was Kalia and Danielles friend and i guess Adam didnt want the person who evicted him to win so i think Rachel deserved to win ! oh and MINUS !!
Sent by Tammy214,Oct 27, 2011
Btw tammy, Rachels first two HOHS were thrown to her. her third was because she was competeing against Adam Jordan and Kalia. Daniele Kalia and Adam voted for Porsche because she played a much better game than Rachel. Rachel stuck her neck out every week and made herself a target. Where as porsche no one expected her to do well and come day 50 she won quite a few comps. Including the most important veto in the house.  and how is  Porsche a floater?
Sent by HRHjonathan,Oct 27, 2011
This is true I believe no one deserved to win tht year becuz all of them were so retarded leaving Rachel in tht long
Look at bb12 same scenario except they evicted Rachel first then the bragade used brendon.
Sent by BoogieNinja,Dec 29, 2011
ILT$6- 9 points
Sent by itspipez,Sep 12, 2013

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