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"90's kid" rant.

Oct 26, 2011 by HRHjonathan
Something I never really understand is “90’s kid pride”. The television shows and video games you grew up with were created by people born in at least the 1960’s and 1970’s, you weren’t a major contribution to the culture.

I don’t understand why people brag about growing up in a certain decade because they were just lucky to grow up with great things they ended up cherishing into adulthood.


Sent by TheThomas,Oct 26, 2011
what's wrong with having pride?
Sent by rock_on88,Oct 26, 2011
Nothing's wrong with having pride. It's the people that belive they actually had a hand in making said tv shows and video games. They were not products of our imaginations. But other people's who grow up before we were born.
Sent by HRHjonathan,Oct 26, 2011
Lmao how true.
Sent by Wessex,Oct 26, 2011

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