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No reason to stay, Jun 24, 2018
imageis a good reason to go.
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thankful for you losers Jun 8, 2018
i don't say it enough, but just know it

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Don't cry because it's over, May 9, 2018
smile because it happened. [ 47 ]

Thanks for the fun experience.
Petro, SmoothStalker12, Gigi10, tofutime, AllieBoBallie, Smuguy2012, jdog, Roshy + many others.

They see me winning..and no they don’t like it. Act like they love me, but hate me in private.
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Making the most important decision of my life Apr 29, 2018
I have to have decided by tomorrow what college I am going to and committing to one of them

A) A school in NJ, cheapest option for me to go to but the education wouldn't be as good as the other two, and it's mostly just a party school

B) Another school in NJ, really good education, one of the best in the state I believe, but it's kinda pricy, would be in debt a little

C) A school in NY, a really good school for the field I want to get into (Film) and the location is perfect New York City, which is always somewhere I always wanted to live and be around, the only problem is I'll be over 100k in debt if I do attend here.

I don't know what to do....
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PYN Apr 19, 2018
For a short opinion, I'm bored!

screamfan0061 [Besides us playing a few games together I don't know much about you, but looking at your front page I like your avatar and you have good taste!]

Daniel123456 [We used to be really close, I miss talking to you honestly, one of my first friends on this site. Message me sometime.]

NotNicky333 [We go really long periods of time without talking, but when we do again it's like we're still really close. You're always going to be someone who I value on this site.]

Lemjam6 [I'm happy we're on good terms again, I feel like we're in a better place now than ever before. Hosting JAR is really fun and you make it funny/enjoyable.]

ImthtAwesom [I still feel awful about screwing you over in that one game, I really liked talking to you and being friends, although it was short lived I'll always still consider you a friend.]

JonMcGillis [We used to play a lot of games together when I was a noob I think, you've been on this site for a while I'm pretty sure, I like you.]

Brayden_ [We didn't like each other back in the day when I used to join every game with CYA, but after getting to know you we seem to have a lot of things in common and you're one of the few people on this site who I actually like reading their blogs.]

Bearface [I like your friend group, and honestly your music isn't bad at all. I feel like we'd be good friends.]

NicoleF [We used to be closer, but I've been fading from the site more recently and haven't talked to those who I used to constantly before. We both like Grey's though so we'll always have that connection.]

ronnie336 [We've been through a lot of ups and down within our friendships, but I've grown to really like you. Our bond over our love for Hillary will always keep us strong.]

BengalBoy [I could see us being good friends, if we talked more, but I don't think either of us really care about this site anymore.]

xxLoveWakizaxx [I'm glad we're on better terms now because I think you're a really unique person and I respect that. I love the fact we have similar opinions on tv characters.]

Firex [I don't know if you're a multi or what, but you were in my frat for a while and seemed pretty cool.]

Eoin [We don't talk that much anymore, but I'll always consider you like the smarter, but annoying older brother. We should catch up sometime.]

titoburitto [Your username is annoying to spell, but I think you're really funny and misunderstood on the site. I know you have good intentions and I'd like if we became friends.]
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Favorite Musical Artists - 1ST Apr 8, 2018
imageThis ranking is going to be controversial, but keep in mind this is my unique liking/taste.

1ST: Halsey

The one & only...honestly most you probably expected this. I love her so much, and it's so weird because when I randomly discovered her back in 2015 I never expected myself to love her so much, but I just did. I will always classify her as alternative despite what anyone has to say. She really is the artist who got me more interested in music and intrigued a spark in me to discover more artists and I just enjoy her music a lot. She's more known now and kinda turning into mainstream which is saddening, but she'll always be that irrelevant weird blue haired girl who made hits/bops without anyone really knowing her. I'm glad she's become more successful and I'm really excited for her third album!

Genre: Electropop/Synth-pop
Favorite Song: Gasoline
Favorite Album: Badlands

2nd: Lana Del Rey
3rd: G-Eazy
4th: NF
5th: Bring Me The Horizon
6th: Miley Cyrus
7th: Gwen Stefani
8th: Beyonce
9th: Rihanna
10th: Astronomyy
11th: Kesha
12th: Iggy Azalea
13th: Lorde
14th: Lil Uzi Vert
15th: Taylor Swift
16th: Selena Gomez
17th: Twenty One Pilots
18th: Nicki Minaj
19th: Tove Lo
20th: Banks
21st: Fetty Wap
22nd: Post Malone
23rd: Foxes
24th: Hailee Steinfeld
25th: Britney Spears

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello, Rita Ora, Mariana & The Diamonds, Migos, Drake, Machine Gun Kelly

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