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  1. hi guys im back !
  2. hi guys !
  3. Kindred ruinin all my dating potential..
  4. theres no better tv series
  5. wud u all have prefered
  6. hey guys
  7. im gonna try this stars game !
  8. what kind of shop y'all gettin ?
  9. oh wow now that is a shock !
  10. idk how and why but this week
  11. oh dam
  12. Post your name in comments
  13. what do yall think of coronavirus ?
  14. nothin better
  15. hey kindred
  16. cmon scoblunders
  17. the list of my fave hotties here
  18. lookin for a gf
  19. lmao i thought the avitar top
  20. monday sucks ass
  21. hey everyon ! its friday woo
  22. daily reminder
  23. dam these secret crush blog
  24. woah im kinda shocked
  25. i find it cute
  26. makin friends like....
  27. Kindredwhat are you keepin in your pants
  28. its monday today woa how did that happn
  29. sad sunday everyin !!
  30. sneeze
  31. well..ive eaten too much cheese
  32. i think my dogs got the flu
  33. i think my dogs got the flu
  34. what are all ur new year resolutions
  35. where do all the cool ppl hang out on here ?
  36. hey man
  37. i bet my TG account that oil also has a part to..
  38. one crazy night last nght
  39. hey who wants to b friends ?
  40. what trump has done is kinda scary huh

hi guys im back !

Feb 15, 2020 by Flipflops
ive had a very busy valentines if u know what i mean


... Kindred7 and I heard you scratching at the doggie door all night
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Feb 15, 2020
Hell yeah bro flipflops we out here just killin’ da game lately
Sent by malachite05,Feb 15, 2020

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