Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is my name is

i'm the coolest flip flop you've ever seen

i like green

lookin for the flip to my flop

do people even read these pages?

i could write whatever i wanted

think im gonna make chicken tonight

historical documentation of my progress in bro love

this bro is a good dude he got my seal of approval ladies
Sent by malachite05,Feb 3, 20202020

malachite05 4 min ago
also I want to take this moment to shed some tears for my fallen boyfriend flipflops *tears*

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  1. i got 17th in the survivorvote
  2. Lemonface is a great namevote
  3. ayo sup Fightermanvote
  4. wow im so drunk rn
  5. hey one mor join my amazin tribe
  6. i joined the survivor game
  7. love you
  8. love you
  9. love you
  10. i have the most miserable neighbors
  11. why are there less games to bet now?
  12. dam my game scores may be lacking
  13. hey ladies
  14. hi guys im back !
  15. hi guys !
  16. Kindred ruinin all my dating potential..
  17. theres no better tv series
  18. wud u all have prefered
  19. hey guys
  20. im gonna try this stars game !

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  6. Scononduders said: ..Thanks @flipflops, that could be the difference between +4499 and +4500!..
  7. malachite05 said: ..hell yeah @flipflops you know me gimme a couple weeks and we'll have a new girlfriend to add to the squad in no time!..
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