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Rusty Bucket Nov 22, 2021
What are people’s thoughts on this restaurant?
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Officially in Ohio :) Nov 22, 2021
So pleased after over 10 hours in airports, to be done for a couple weeks.
Now, time to have fun and indulge this vacation.
Points: 94 4 comments
Officially in Chicago Nov 21, 2021
One flight down, one more to go till Cinncinati ^,^
Points: 26 2 comments
In Montreal Nov 20, 2021
What should I do, before I fly tomorrow evening?
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Covid test in 24 hours Nov 19, 2021
To know if I shall be cleared to fly Sunday...

Hoping all my planning will not be for nothing ^,^
Points: 27 3 comments
Shop Update Week 37 < 3 Nov 15, 2021
This week, we have gotten our first taste of the time change with that #stars glitch. Thankfully, we have not gotten any glitches with shops because of the time now, can the newest shop owners share with their bids were? ^,*
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