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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

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Apr 7, 2021 by FelipeS
imageit was a cold, dark night, I was at the Eoin Rivals Challenge and my partner was BIrks4444, I was being relentlessly bullied and lost control, so I took a sword and killed sjsoccer88, and my fellow drag queens Eoin & Lemjam6 helped me hiding the body ... a year later, while filming a drag race from RuPiggy, I started to hear scary noises in RuPiggy's work room. The ghost of Sjsoccer88 came back and was looking for revenge against me and my fellow queens, he first stabbed Eoin with 30 knives, representing his age, he then stepped on Lemjams' head 30 times, which represented how many years he was in the closet, he so I banged my head against the RuPiggy stage 15 times to demonstrate the age of the people he catches. Me, Eoin & Lemjam6 joined Sjsoccer88 and now, together, we haunt the RuPiggys Drag Race facilities.


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