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  2. Without the internet
  3. Thank you
  4. The boot list
  5. Michelle and Jeremy combo
  6. Parvati is so pretty
  7. The way she pulled up
  8. The mad pressed bitches woke up early
  9. I love you
  10. What do y鈥檃ll recommend
  11. Gift me Wendy鈥檚 wig
  12. Whenever you see this
  13. Gift me Wendy鈥檚 hair
  14. 馃崙
  15. Gift me Wendy鈥檚 hair
  16. Gift me
  17. Blog ads
  18. Who鈥檚 gifting me Wendy鈥檚 Glam?
  19. Walking in to the nail salon
  20. I hate you
  21. Gift me Wendy鈥檚
  23. Throwback to when
  24. Frooks Or Nah pt2
  25. My favs
  26. Tengaged has opened my eyes
  27. I took a 6 hour nap
  28. Uh
  29. When I join stars
  30. Me quiero
  31. The only way I鈥檓 gifting from another shop
  32. Who wants Cupcake 馃?
  33. A bottom
  34. Someone save
  35. Auction Deals
  36. This is probs
  37. Robozoe
  38. The fucking cringe
  39. Buy from my shop <3
  40. What should I name my shop?

Yall still

Sep 16, 2019 by EyooMarcus
asking randomize for shit? lmao I can't


It was a joke blog. If you were to read it, you'd know that.. But I guess we know what route you took instead.
Sent by zachbbs,Sep 16, 2019

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