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Name this tengager vote Jun 1, 2020
🐱 🐟
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The word whore May 31, 2020
Is so funny to me. Idk why.
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All lives won’t matter May 31, 2020
Until black lives starts. Let that sink in.
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And May 31, 2020
Until you can EXPLAIN AND JUSTIFY how AMERICA was “discovered” and LOOTED through MASS GENOCIDE! Shut the fuck up! I don’t have a problem with looting because the only difference between 300yrs ago and know is media.
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People against looting. May 31, 2020
Explain how they filled up museums????
No justice, no peace bby.
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I just saw a pic May 30, 2020
Of MartaG and his fiancé and he looks like such a normal down to earth guy. We stan a social media psychopath.
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