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  1. PYN
  2. Just so yall know
  3. I used to have a crush
  4. Waits patiently
  5. I got my credit card in the mail
  6. I’m literaly in love
  7. If you send nudes
  8. I got a hit list
  9. If Bryan Jones
  10. I deadassss
  12. Me and
  13. Ily
  14. Imagine filling a frooks
  15. Today is
  16. I wonder
  17. Any orgs
  18. Tag a person
  19. Who wants the Fur Coat?
  20. I want
  21. Dee lite
  22. PYN
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  26. Proud of you babies !
  27. If Mods came back
  28. I want to cry rn
  29. Ashley O?
  30. BB Blog Game Herstory
  31. BB Blog Game
  32. My picks are soooo good
  33. ily
  34. Cliff is racist
  35. I will always love Madonna
  36. Imagine being
  37. Grodner has me shook
  38. Jujubee
  39. Christie Murphy & Nick Macarróni
  40. Omg


12thMay 21, 2019 by EyooMarcus
@wade03 making up lies about me when I have never had him on snap let alone on any other social media but Skype.

Mind you, all of this is because I dragged him on Skype over agame so he thinks it’s funny to slander my name. Provide screen shots, messages or anything to the public because youre full of shit and we all know how disgusting looking you are.
I used to drag him on his looks 24/7 back in the day but somehow I wanted his nudes? I’ll find your personal information and bring it up to the authorities if you really want to slander and lie on my name.


+15 people should always hear 2 sides of the story
Sent by Admir,May 21, 2019
admir it’s funny to jump on the hate Eyoomarcus train but it’s not funny to lie about shit that never happened.
Sent by EyooMarcus,May 21, 2019

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