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Anybody here work on retail chain? Apr 26, 2023
And understand how retails systematically keep up with their expiry dates?? Would love to have a chat!!
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SURVIVOR 42 RANKING Apr 14, 2022
3. Jonathan - LETS GO DADDY
4. Omar - I love watching the Omar vs Hai power struggle last episode!!
5. Marryane - She's great TV, but i might not stand her in real life lol
6. Drea - strong woman
7. Chanelle - SNAKE, but at least she's not that boring
8. Mike - umm bit boring
9. Lindsay - invisible
10. Romeo - idk
11. Rocksroy - meh
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TAR 33 Episode 1 Ranking Jan 7, 2022
2. Connie and Sam
3. Kim and Penn
4. Raquel and Cayla
5. Anthony and Spencer
6. Lulu and Lala
7. Arun and Natalia
8. Akbar and Sheri
9. Taylor and Isaiah
10. Caro and Ray

Tagging my TAR buddy Tester
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Survivor 41 Ranking Nov 4, 2021
Episode 7

1. Shan - Her stock is going down a bit this episode, but still QUEEN. She's the go to person, the ones making decisions. You better pick it up next episode Shan. And stop humming, it didn't sound good, off pitch and cringe.
2. Tiffany - OMG MOM!! Such a queen, I love her!! She was underrated, but now all the world could see your worth! Let it shine mommy :)
3. Xander - I used to thought he was a stale bread, but my oh my, he got the ham and cheese, and its DELICIOUS, I'm all for it. That idol bluff, I LOVE IT. Show them how its done, teach them baby!!
4. Ricard - Daddy!! Your silver hair, I cant resist.
5. Liana - I guess knowledge is power, liana :) slippery slope
6. Naseer - Okay he slowly grows on me..
7. Sydney - I cant believe I'll end up liking her more this episode and wish she stayed. Robbed.
8. Deshawn - HE IS PLAYING!! He is smart to regroup his people on the live tribal council. He  is growing on me too!!
9. Evvie - Ummm she is overplaying the game, I love that she got bitten in the ass for being sneaky. BUT, I'm happy she stayed because I wanna see more chaos and hopefully her demise in epic fashion
10. Danny - I feel like he is doing nothing significant or exciting enough up to this point.
11. Erika - SHE WAS SLOPPY AND LUCKY. I didn't dislike her, I'm just not sold on her yet. I knew she had potential, but no execution yet.
12. Heather - Invisible goat

I gave production props for making this first merge round 2 episodes to cover all the chaos. If they want to include all these advantages, they better gave us extra Survivor hour, 1 hour (or technically 45 minutes) is NOT ENOUGH. Suggestion though, make it 2 hours episode instead of 1 hour episode for 2 weeks, hate the cliffhanger.

As much as I love this episode.. THE HOURGLASS TWIST IS DUMB. Everybody on their right mind would save their own ass. And the merge feast competition is pointless. I would be hella mad if I was Sydney because she was ROBBED. She shouldn't be vulnerable of the vote. But Probst decided to reward the losers.. oh well..
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My daddy 😍😍 Nov 2, 2021
GbpackXLVchamps love you.. thanks for the early christmas gift, my old dusty personal santa 😘
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Hands down 1 of the best Group Game Nov 1, 2021
I’m very excited to announce that Brady’s Survivor has been renewed for a second season in the beautiful island of Santorini. Season 1 was a major success and I’m looking for 16-18 new players to compete in the next season. 

Past Player Quotes:
“Keep up the good work Brady.   As a vet of these group games, you are doing a great job especially since it's your first hosting gig.   You are very hands on and available.-  GbpackXLVchamps — S1 Loser :)

“Now when I see everything i can only say this season was 10/10 and will be always in my second top season ive ever played in group games on tengaged so thanks and well done job as a host!”  Robson704  —S1 Winner 

- Mostly non live challenges but maybe 2-3 live ones in their as well.
- A Flexible and Interactive Host
- A Fun Twist 
- Cast Assessment/Mid Merge Assessment/End Game Assessment 
- Great Post Season Content: (S1 I did a Confessional Chart and compared everyone to Survivor contestants). 
- Exit Interviews 

- Episode Podcasts where me and guests of the VL will talk about our thoughts on the episode. 

Real Name/Username:
Your Pronouns: 
Color Level:
Place of Live/Timezone
Skype (strongly preferred--where communication about events will occur):
Do you have previous group game experience? (if so, list like 1-2 games you’ve played):
Do you usually play as a Hero or a Villain?
Who is your favorite Survivor Player and why?
Name 2 Interesting Facts About Yourself (these don’t need to be like death defying interesting, they can literally be your age and how many years you were on tengaged if you can’t think of something lmao): 
Will you try your best to submit something for every non-live  and for the 2-3 live challenges?
Will you PROMISE to send confessionals? 
(I did a confessional chart for season 1. I plan to do maybe a podcast after each episode with a VL guests so these are extremely important. They will make the game more fun. Also if you don’t send confessionals, you’re not coming back and you won’t be a favorite of mine. 


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