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  1. If you stan Maya on Ex on the Beach...
  2. Anybody else....?
  3. I seemed to have forgotten
  4. When you're #1 on Monthly Rankers
  5. Okay I know I'm a nerd
  6. I'm so bored
  7. I had to fall.
  8. Honestly idek who this is but: Trash
  9. Stars Support! :)
  10. Remember when Lindsay Lohan
  11. *rolls tongue like HeeJin*
  12. Almost choked and died at breakfast today
  13. The way, it shiiiiiineee
  14. "I want it, I got it."
  15. Aw sorry you gotta leave so suddenly :(
  16. LOL ty for believing in me
  17. Does anybody else wake up
  18. Anyone else eat tomatoes like apples?
  19. If you can't stand up for yourself
  20. I am SO UPSET
  21. I need a massage so badly
  22. 5'11
  23. CBBUS2 - Lolo Jones
  25. I just finished 'You' on Netflix
  26. I love being bullied
  27. Americans don't have accents
  28. So I wasn't contacted
  29. Killing for love
  30. Courtney Love is a MURDERER
  31. Is it omegle time? ;D
  32. *drives around in my new (old) car*
  33. Grats on winning the raffle :)
  34. You don't know fear
  35. 2 Words.
  36. *gyrates*
  37. Thank you 43.6%!!
  38. Stars Support!
  40. Are chocolate lava cakes from Domino's

Is it omegle time? ;D

Jan 11, 2019 by Ethan000


u are an actual loser
Sent by Lalisa,Jan 11, 2019
are u and anthony going on together?? whats up
Sent by SharonMaItems,Jan 11, 2019
yeah for the sister squad maybe
Sent by MrOrange890,Jan 11, 2019
yeah for the sister squad maybe
Sent by immaxyman,Jan 11, 2019
iybf rubbing off on u lik
Sent by EmzThorne,Jan 11, 2019
Sent by iYBF,Jan 11, 2019

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