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  1. Well my final group game ended.
  2. Do you wanna play a Tumblr Survivor ORG?
  3. Zambonis can ROT
  4. I hate when they change my work hours
  5. Bye Cornbread. (Bye Cornbread!)
  6. Who is this pinky promising?
  7. LMAO does anyone remember this?
  8. Omarosa vs Janice Dickinson lmfao
  9. Ugh I'm conflicted
  10. d8?
  11. Lost in this feeling
  12. Is it bad that I really like my nose?
  13. I'll wake you up with some breakfast in bed
  14. I can't remember what I did tonight
  15. What show was the epitome of your childhood?
  17. Pre-Season CBBUS Faves
  18. Shannon Elizabeth wins CBBUS
  19. Omg ahhh
  20. My nudes were leaked on Myspace :(
  21. The girl that I drove 50 min out of my way for
  22. If you hate the new skype update
  23. I never realized how expensive
  24. Cash Show > HQ
  25. This random middle-aged man
  26. She take my money
  27. Okay I'm not a Camila Cabello fan
  28. So um there's a blizzard warning where I live
  29. Why is this me and most ppl in Skype minis?
  30. I want a "Delete All Blogs" button
  31. Does anyone else
  32. I just had the absolute worst day
  33. Some things just aren't meant to last
  34. Tag who this applies to
  35. So grateful I'm leaving within a month✌🏻
  36. I'm sorry but Kam was so good this episode
  37. My main skype got deleted forever
  38. I sliced my finger open with a box-cutter
  39. I just had the worst sex of my entire life
  40. Is it worth driving 50 min away

I Love You Jesus

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Well my final group game ended. Feb 8, 2018
This has been a long time coming, but it's finally time for me to hit that logout button.

It's been a good 4 1/2 years, but all good (?) things must come to an end <3

I'm just too busy irl for this site anymore, so I may come back sometime along in the distant future, but for now I can't juggle real life with this so this has gtg.

I'll still be on skype if people want to chat, my skype is: ethan_000

But....yeah! I guess this is it, bye everyone and I'm not gonna tag a whole bunch of people before I logout bc the #realones will see this eventually.

Stay awesome <3
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Do you wanna play a Tumblr Survivor ORG? Feb 5, 2018
If so, the info is below:

Tumblr Survivor’s 68th season is almost underway! Join your favorite snakes Dana and Zach for a fun all- newbie season, taking place in Mykonos, Greece. If you are a first time player or have friends who may be interested, hit up the app linked below!

Application -

if you have any questions, feel free to ask zach/dana on skype via:
Dana- live:barryd_38
Zach- severitymc
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Zambonis can ROT Feb 3, 2018
I lost $10K because of them, I hope every single one combusts out of nowhere and none are ever made again for as long as I'm alive

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I hate when they change my work hours Feb 3, 2018
Like just suddenly.....

I went from 1pm-10pm yesterday

To 10am-7pm today, and it doesn't sound like that big of a deal but my ass is tired rn
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Bye Cornbread. (Bye Cornbread!) Feb 3, 2018
Fuck y'all!
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Who is this pinky promising? Feb 2, 2018
I know one is Marissa, but are the other two Omarosa/Shannon???

Or Kiesha idek

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