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Flip Vote Drama after HOH [Feed Update]

Jul 6, 2018 by Ethan000
This was last night btw


Bayleigh/Haleigh (not really) speculate Scottie just bc sketchy

Scottie then explains himself and they don’t think it’s him anymore

Scottie speculates Haleigh

Swaggy speculates Rockstar or Kaitlyn

Then everyone is like “Steve was like Kaitlyn’s father, it can’t be Kaitlyn.”

Swaggy then JUST speculates Rockstar bc she made up that “hinky vote” plan to vote Steve out and blame it on Winston & Brett (back when they thought that those two were gonna keep Steve), but still have Steve stay…also bc she seems “too sad” that Steve left, and Swaggy thinks that that plan blew up in her face, Steve left, and that’s why she’s sad bc she’s guilty

So now everyone in the Secret 6 except Rockstar/Haleigh and Kaitlyn obviously (so Swaggy/Bayleigh/Faysal) think that this is all Rockstar’s fault.

~*~ LATER ~*~

Rockstar/Haleigh talk and agree that the flipper was Kaitlyn but can't really say anything bc now she's HOH. They're also scared of Tyler bc they think Tyler did all of that to get Kaitlyn to flip (which he did)

Haleigh then says that she doesn’t want him around in the coming weeks



Haleigh will leave before Tyler x
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Jul 6, 2018

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