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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Apr 7, 2024 by Eilish
How does LittleMix have a hatred of Brazilians when the bitch doesn’t even play games and when they do it is only with me LMAO


And your friends also have a very xenophobic speech as if we weren't welcome here or as if this site didn't belong to us either
Sent by Pavaneli,Apr 7, 2024
Pavaneli babe yall love to throw around the word xenophobic around when it doesn’t even make sense. I could count all the times certain Brazilians have been racist but you don’t see me doing that. You just make situations up in your head.
Sent by Eilish,Apr 7, 2024
can u tell me when ive said xenophobic shit id love to know!
Sent by LittleMix,Apr 7, 2024
Why would anyone hate Brazilians?
Sent by Peter007,Apr 7, 2024
There's no point in denying the speech that some of your friends like LittleMix and Aquamarine have about Brazilians, about how we're filling this site and how we're everywhere, like we don't have the right to be here. I'm not throwing anything cause I usually don't go for that root but It's an undeniable thing
Sent by Pavaneli,Apr 7, 2024

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