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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


5thOct 25, 2023 by Dimitra
Fendimania : She is jealous of me because I have more credit cards than her

ilovepuppies135 : She doesn't like me because she knows that DripTeejay has a parallel relationship with me

Harley : I still don't understand why, but I think he just can't stand that I'm super gold and he is Tv star ! Every day he spamming me ! I’m afraid for my life


Sent by Peculio,Oct 25, 2023
Omg TJ is this true!!?πŸ˜–πŸ˜­
Sent by ilovepuppies135,Oct 25, 2023
you are jealous I am the ORIGINAL GREEK HERE
Sent by Harley,Oct 25, 2023
ilovepuppies135 sorry you have to have to know this with this blog Nicole
Sent by Dimitra,Oct 25, 2023
Sent by Geoo,Oct 25, 2023
Harley stop pretend the Greek !!! Tell the true !! You are alien πŸ‘½
Sent by Dimitra,Oct 25, 2023
Sent by AbioticSand,Oct 25, 2023
Sent by Fendimania,Oct 25, 2023
Sent by StraightLoonie,Oct 25, 2023
Sent by semajdude,Oct 25, 2023
Sent by CutieAmy,Oct 26, 2023

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