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✨ Stars 777: Spyder's VLOG for 8th✨

10thOct 5, 2023 by Dimitra
Hi Tengaged! I'm up on the block after playing one of the best games I've ever played, and I hope you can reward that by sending me back in the house. I've been safe every single week, not relying on HOH or immunities to further myself in the game. My one immunity win, the HOH told me that he wasn't putting me up anyway. Everyone started targeting the unnominated players because they feel like anyone who goes unnominated will have an easy win. (Except for johneh, you guys really seem to hate him 💀) I do believe my game was strong from the beginning and has never fizzled out, even through this point, the nomination is just something that had to happen, and I made sure it was up against someone I could beat. The eliminated players even told me they would friend me after the game over, that's how good my social game was. And it was all by connecting with people on a personal level. Please watch my vlog below and reward my gameplay by saving me in the poll!

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Sent by Harley,Oct 5, 2023
Thank you Harley <33
Sent by Spyder701,Oct 5, 2023
Can't hear it at all but +++
Sent by biminibonboulash,Oct 5, 2023

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